Fountain Hills Recovery has always been at the forefront of discovering new and further developing well-known therapeutic modalities for addiction therapy. By building a team of experts accomplished in different fields of therapy, we can provide our patients with a comprehensive program that can be adjusted to address their specific needs.

While utilizing standard procedures might stabilize the patient and provide short-term assistance, our goal has always been to offer a long-term solution and give our patients the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a life of sobriety. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to use rehabilitation methods that the patient in question responds to, allowing us to treat addiction in even the most difficult cases.

Evidence-Based Treatment Combined With a Holistic Approach

Addiction is a complex disease, and therefore, needs to be treated as one. The effects of this disease can vary from person to person. Therefore, in order to match the modality of treatment to the needs of the individual, we need to conduct comprehensive physical and psychological tests.

Once we have the results of the tests, we can create a tailored rehabilitation plan that has a higher chance of treating not just the substance abuse habit of the patient, but also any co-occurring mental disorders that are often associated with addiction.

Some of the traditional treatment therapies we offer to our patients include:

EMDR Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Individual Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral

Family Therapy

Addiction Counseling

Group Therapy

While these traditional treatment options can help resolve some of the issues associated with addiction, our holistic approach would not be complete without our complementary alternative therapies. These aim to further enhance the recovery process and address the problems related to the mind, body, and spirit. Alternative treatments include:

Occupational Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Behavioral Modification Therapy

Music Therapy

Yoga Therapy

12-Step Programs

Equine Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy

Recreational Therapy


Outdoor Therapy

Nutritional Counseling

Experiential Therapy

Mindfulness Therapy

PsychoEducational Groups

Process Oriented
Group Therapy

Trauma Focused CBT

We also offer different treatment settings to our patients. These include various types of Intensive treatments where certified addiction physicians, therapists, psychiatrists, and supporting staff are available to the patients 24/7. However, our Outpatient Treatment has proven to be just as effective, while simultaneously offering the much-needed flexibility for those who need to maintain a steady job or continue with their education during the recovery process.

By utilizing this comprehensive approach, we can adequately address all the biological and psychological factors that lead to addiction and treat them with success.