I loved this place. Therapists and other staff took very good care of me as if I was their family. Therapists here took care of me and was willing to go any length to help me stay sober and taught me how to live life way exactly I needed to live and with happiness and free of anxiety and fear. No words can describe how they work the program at this place. It just works like magic. This place is a must stepping stone spot to restart your life and continue to live in peace and happiness. The way that this center will be personalized to your unique struggle. Come get you some real help. This place has a nice facility and a safe environment. This treatment center incorporates the 12 step program as long as you are willing to follow and surrender. I personally that 60-90 day stay is highly necessary to get the most out of the service they offer and there are so many sessions that might not be listed that will help you, in the long run, to keep you stay alive and sober.

Sunbum A.

Fountain Hills Recovery is an amazing treatment center. They provide beautiful living accommodations at multi million dollar houses. They have groups 7 hours a day at a extremely comfortable clinic. The primary therapists are real. They do not coddle you. They use an aggressive form a therapy that forces you to look at yourself. It’s not always fun but necessary for growth in recovery. Most of the therapists are alcoholics/addicts in recovery themselves, with years of experience so they know exactly how you feel coming into rehab and they know what is necessary for your recovery. They truly care about saving your life. All the other staff members are extremely friendly and helpful. I am recently out of inpatient treatment and I am so grateful I’ve acquired the tools to navigate a sober life! Thank you FHR!

Paige M.

This is an amazing program! The people truly care from the top down. It really makes a difference to receive treatment from individuals who love what they do.

Steve S.

My son has done rounds in and out of treatment centers. One heart break after another for our family. I do not blame any of these multiple centers but I can tell you after having my son in my life now clean and sober it has been a privilege to observe the continuous progress he has made through the efforts of the amazing staff and therapists at Fountain Hills Recovery Center. We have our son back who now has gained his own independence (financially, emotionally, mentally, and most of all spiritually). As someone who works in the criminal justice  system for many years I have watched addiction tear families apart, of course thinking that there would be no way that could happen to mine. I was wrong. I am truly grateful for the time and energy the staff at FHR has put into my son and the most effective form of treating addiction I have ever seen. Addiction is ugly, painful and destructive and I am forever grateful to the staff for their no-nonsense therapeutic approach to such a deadly epidemic. I would absolutely recommend Fountain Hills Recovery to any person who is in my position.

Mike H.

After many years of struggling and multiple treatment centers I was blessed to find myself at Fountain Hills Recovery. The people and the program are amazing, they really helped me get back on my feet and my life back on track. If you are struggling and need answers try Fountain Hills Recovery, if it worked for me I can work for anyone… trust me!

Drew K.

Recovery can be a very difficult path but this rehabilitation program takes it very seriously. The therapists understand the mental mind set that causes our addictions and are very honest and direct with helping you confront yourself. Since my time spent with them I am sober and happier than ever. It was not easy at first but just got better every day. They will also introduce you to AA, CA, and HA to help you have a solution for the long-term. TJ, MJ, Bill and Nate care about you and your success and this you will come to know and understand when you complete the program. If you are struggling with addiction and know you need to make a change, this is the place to start.

Charlie L.

Your recovery should be taken very serious and this is a rehabilitation program that takes it very seriously. The therapists are very honest and will help you a lot in your recovery in the rehab and outside the rehab. I am a recovering addict and would highly suggest this rehab over and others in the state of Arizona. I am very grateful to have spent my time at Fountain Hills Recovery. TJ, MJ, and Bill are all very intelligent people and will fight for your recovery harder than you will. If you truly want to be sober for the rest of your life , this is your best chance!

Colton W.

Fountain Hills Recovery is the best treatment center I have ever been to, and I have been to 16. The staff there helped create a sense of safety I have not felt in a long time. The therapists genuinely care and have helped me identify some challenges I had that I had never been aware of. The houses are beautiful and have an incredible view. I felt like I was a part of a family there and I am so grateful for everything this place did for me. I have a life now I never thought was possible. Thank you Fountain Hills for everything you have done for me!

Chelsea W.

TJ, MJ and Bill were fantastic. I wouldn’t change my experience for anything. FHR is an effective treatment facility in a luxury setting. I met some of the best people in the world while I was there. Friends forever.

Mollie K.

Fountain Hills Recovery is the treatment center that had the greatest impact on my life. From the age of 20 to 26 I have been in and out of treatment over 15 times. All the other treatment centers just wanted to talk about feelings and let me do what I wanted. The therapists here not only focused on the underlying issues but also made me look at my behaviors. I learned that we thought our way into bad acting so we have to act our way into right thinking. My addiction got to a point where I felt there was no point in living. Today I can honestly say life is a blessing and I’m happy to be alive. I’m so grateful for Fountain Hills and all the staff. Majority of the staff are all in recovery and can really understand where your at when you come in. They are able to relate to your struggles and give you the tools to get through. Best treatment center I have ever been to and I would recommend any loved ones there in a heart beat!

James G.

I can truly say that out of the 10 plus treatment centers I have been to, that Fountain Hills Recovery really is different. The owner of the company actually appears and loves every single person that is giving the shot at changing their lives. I cannot even begin to explain the help that Jonny did for me and how he changed my life for the better. I would recommend this facility anybody that wants to change for the better. I can honestly say that I now feel like everybody at FHR truly is family to me.

John K.