Partial Hospitalization Program

Fountain Hills Recovery offers an intensive Partial Hospitalization Program, which is similar to “Inpatient” treatment for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our rehabilitation program is customized precisely to your recovery needs. Our programs range 30, 60 or 90 days in duration and can be combined with pre-intake detox or hospitalization.


Intensive 30-60-90 day PROGAM

Fountain Hills Recovery provides a highly structured, monitored Inpatient Program in a resort-like home environment that offers serenity as you begin your journey toward sobriety. The purpose of our Inpatient Program is to eliminate the triggers, stresses and distractions of daily life that manifest as addictive behavior. As part of our Inpatient Program, you’ll participate in an intensive daily program with a team of specialists assigned to you. Fountain Hills Recovery provides an exceptional ratio of staff-to-patient care, with 24/7 support and coaching to help you break free from the cycle of addiction.

As part of our Inpatient Program, patients live on premises on a full-time (yet temporary) basis. Our experienced team of counselors, therapists and support staff will be assigned to you and assist you with your recovery program.

Upon arrival, you’ll be privately escorted to one of the luxury residences in our Inpatient Program and assigned a room. Fountain Hills Recovery offers private and semi-private living arrangements depending on your preferences and personal needs. Once you’ve comfortably settled in, you’ll meet your Recovery Team, attend meetings and groups, prepare and eat meals with other residents, and go on monitored weekly outings with the staff and other residents. The main focus of an inpatient rehab program is to remove the addicted person from the native environments which only trigger and perpetuate their substance use disorder and learn new positive life skills and coping habits. 

Our Inpatient Program Offers:

  • Healthy Detox with 24/7 Care and Medical Supervision

  • Removal From Everyday Stresses and Distractions

  • Comprehensive and Customized Drug Treatment Program

  • Elegant and Comfortable Resort-Style Living Accommodations

  • Team Approach to Treatment with Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Program and Leading Specialists

  • Innovative New Combined Therapies, Treatments and Programs including Brainpaint, Wellness + Nutrition and More



Our multidisciplinary treatment team provides long-term care strategies so you can experience and overcome the various stressors of life in a safe, therapeutic setting before starting your new life in recovery. By combining treatment methods with a 12-step program, we have built an individualized residential program curriculum that addresses the unique needs of each person.



At Fountain Hills Recovery, we believe that sober living is a gift.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we know that your future success depends on a successful foundation. Our multi-disciplinary approach to recovery incorporates day-to-day implementations for practical life skills that help you avoid relapse.

Fountain Hills Recovery offers extensive After-Care programs to help you continue your recovery after you leave the program.