Outpatient Program

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we have just one goal: to make recovery possible for you.

Our Outpatient Program is designed for people who want to break the cycle of addiction but are unable to participate in a residential treatment or Inpatient Program at our facility. Sometimes, life circumstances, work or family obligations make it hard for people to enter residential treatment and an intensive Outpatient Program makes recovery possible with minimal impact to your daily responsibilities.

Our Outpatient Program incorporates a specialized treatment approach that combines a number of treatment methods including withdrawal management, group therapy, relapse prevention training, individual counseling, family counseling, and pharmacotherapy. Our Outpatient Program is customized to your recovery needs and schedule to ensure you receive a full spectrum of treatment with us while you continue living at home.

Customized Recovery

Outpatient rehab allows clients to live at home and participate in treatment at an outpatient center during the daytime. This type of program affords people more freedom in treatment, giving clients the ability to maintain a job and keep up with day-to-day responsibilities at home. Those just beginning outpatient care may need daily sessions with a therapist or clinical staff, while those further along in recovery (or with less severe addictions) may be successful with part-time sessions once or twice per week.

Outpatient programs usually last anywhere from one to three months, as this is the window of time in which those in recovery are most vulnerable to relapse. The length of time a client spends in outpatient care depends on their progress in recovery, which takes into account their mental stability and physical health.

A Support System Designed For Long Term Success

As part of our Outpatient Program, you’ll participate in support groups designed to help you develop coping and communication skills and participate in real-life socialization experiences that give you the tools you need to avoid addiction triggers that cause relapse. Socialization therapy has proven an essential component of Outpatient Recovery for people used to social situations that have revolved around using alcohol or drugs.

Outpatient Program Offerings

One-on-one counseling with a therapist

Medication management as needed for co-occurring disorders

Group and family therapy sessions

Nutritional coaching

Recreational therapy

Relapse prevention

Sober living housing, if needed