Integrated Behavioral Health Staff

Our professional and highly trained staff is what sets Fountain Hills Recovery apart. Our staff is unique not only for their passion and commitment but also because most of our staff members are in recovery themselves. The perspective they bring to the table is invaluable for connecting with and helping our clients. We believe that successful treatment outcomes require a collaboration between the client and the treatment team. It’s because of this philosophy that our patients enjoy support throughout the recovery process, and beyond.

Dr. Reyes Topete
Dr. Reyes Topete

Medical Director

Dr. Reyes Topete is a Board Certified Addictionologist through the American Society of Addiction Medicine. He completed his residency at St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ and has been in the field for over 20 years. He has provided detoxification services at many facilities in the Valley includes Aurora Behavioral Health, St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center and Community Bridges. Dr. Topete understands his patient’s individual needs and dedicates himself to giving them the best, safest and most appropriate care. He is committed to having open communication with referring professionals and the clinical team so that everyone is on the same page throughout the healing process.

Board-certified Addictionologist. Expert at Medical stabilization, Ambulatory Care, Urgent Care. Served as Medical Director at several respected BH facilities.DATA waived physician (Subutex/Suboxone-certified). Successfully Treated over 31,000 patients for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Bethany Fetzer

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Bethany Fetzer earned a Doctorate in Nursing Practice, and is double board certified as a Family Practice and a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Bethany applies more than 35 years of experience in medical/ nursing field to incorporate body, mind and spirit into her patients’ treatment plan. She utilizes best evidenced based practice to treat each patient trusted to her care.  She is active in the substance abuse treatment community, and facilitates weekly support groups for RN’s in early recovery.

Areas of specialty include addiction and recovery, depressive and mood disorders, PTSD and trauma. In her free time she enjoys making memories with her family, reading, pilates and spiritual activities.

Matthew King, MS, LPC 

Clinical Director

Matthew completed his bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2005 from Arizona State University and completed his Master’s in Counseling degree from the University of Phoenix in 2009. His career began working with children, gaining his initial experience with trauma and substance abuse and dependence. Since that time, Matthew has had the privilege working with multiple populations ranging from children to adults, working with General mental health, Women’s Mental Health, Trauma related to children through adults, Psychiatric Intensive Care, Rapid Stabilization, Chemical Dependence/ Substance Dependence, and PTSD in a variety of settings from inpatient and outpatient facilities. Matthew has also received training in Cognitive Processing Therapy and treated active duty military for combat PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma.

In addition to his experience as a licensed therapist, he has also worked extensively as a clinical manager and clinical director for substance dependence facilities over the years and worked on developing curriculum and schedules for Detox, Residential, Partial Hospitalization Programs, and Intensive Outpatient Programs. Matthew has also provided and continues to provide clinical supervision to associate level license therapist as part of his passion to continue growth and development within our industry. He is currently licensed independently as a Professional Counselor in the state of Arizona, and is also an approved clinical supervisor through the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiner.

Amanda Romero, MS, LAC  

Primary Therapist

Amanda is a licensed associate counselor in the state of Arizona. She earned her masters in counseling and began her career working with individuals suffering from substance use and trauma. It was there that she learned that healing comes from the connection between the mind, body, and soul. With her passion for helping those in early recovery by giving them space, compassion, and guiding the individual to live a fulfilled life. She transitioned into a population where individuals suffered from eating disorders and trauma. With this she came back to working with substance use where she has a passion for.

She has experience working with individuals between the ages of 12 and up as well as families pertaining to addictions. She has experience working with trauma, complex trauma, substance use disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. She completed module 1 and 2 of EMDR training. As a lifelong lover of learning, she has experience using experiential methods, art therapy, internal family systems, and somatic experiencing. She is passionate about creating a safe environment to provide an environment to promote healing from painful experiences. She has a passion for trauma treatment and incorporates a variety of techniques as somatic experiencing and experiential methods to help individuals learn that they are in fact their own best healers.

Karlee McCue, BA

Primary Therapist

Karlee is a Master’s level counselor in the state of Arizona. She earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater in 2014. Upon completion of that degree she relocated from Wisconsin to Arizona to pursue her masters in counseling.  Karlee  began her career interning with the substance abuse population and the co-occurring disorders that surround addiction. It was through that experience that she developed a passion not only to help with behavioral and mental health issues, but substance use as well.  Karlee graduated with her masters in professional counseling from Grand Canyon University in January of 2020.

Karlee is honored to be a part of the Fountain Hills Recovery Team, and to be able to be of service to the substance use population. She has an empathetic approach to helping individuals process through difficult issues and helps them to develop goals and encourages them to continue to become the best versions of themselves.

Juan Navarro, MS 

Primary Therapist

Juan Navarro, MS is a primary therapist dedicated to aiding individuals that struggle with substance abuse and the underlying mental health conditions that derive within the field. Juan has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at the Arizona State University in 2015 and subsequently received a Master’s degree in Substance Abuse Counseling in 2017. He has been actively involved in the diverse communities, primarily treating individuals struggling with chemical dependency ranging from adult homeless populations, adolescent populations, to currently dedicating his expertise at Fountain Hills Recovery. Juan has focused in varying treatment facilities including detoxification, residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs. In addition, Juan has facilitated group, individualized, and family sessions, and biopsychosocial assessment procedures, often providing cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing and other approaches to aid individuals obtain optimized treatment. Juan is gratified to be part of the Fountain Hills Family  from which he contributes strong empathetic approaches to struggling individuals.

Chris Newman 

Director of Admissions

Chris’ passion and purpose in life is to assist clients and families in achieving freedom from addiction. Chris approaches those who need help with care and compassion and strives to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and love. Chris’ message to all is “Everyone deserves help, and anyone can recover if they are willing.”
Chris has his own personal recovery to thank for allowing him the honor of helping those in need. He entered into treatment in 2009 and has been free from addiction since. He knew immediately that he wanted to help others. Chris has 10 years of experience working in treatment. He started as an overnight support staff while attending college to become a Certified Addictions Counselor and has now been in an administrative role since 2016.
Brennan Mikkelson 

Director of Operations

Brennan’s journey into working in the recovery field starts with his own journey into recovery. After struggling with addiction for many years, Brennan now celebrates almost four years of sobriety. Since that time, Brennan has worked extensively with several drug treatment centers. In 2016, Brennan started working as a Behavioral health Technician (BHT) helping clients with everyday task of navigating the hardships of starting the recovery process. Brennan gained experience operations, including areas of coordinating transportation, monitoring clients at both Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programs. Brennan also worked collectively with both clinical and medical departments to ensure the highest quality of care.

Also, in 2016, Brennan quickly moved up to a Lead BHT and helped supervise other BHT at multiple levels of care. From there, Brennan took over as the Director of Operations, and for the next three years maintained various departments including transportation, maintenance, coordinating BHT staff, ensuring that basic medical operations are followed, and developed and implemented policies and procedures for Detox, Residential, Partial Hospitalization Programing, and Intensive Outpatient Programming.

Now, Brennan joins the Fountain Hills Recovery staff as the Director of Operations bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience with him to continue providing clients with tools needed to be successful in their own recovery journeys.

Margaret Wesley

Executive Chef

Margaret has been in the culinary industry for over 14 years, starting as a prep cook in a small family owned business and working her way up to “Executive Chef”. She has lived all over the South, Southwest, and Midwest studying different cuisines and cooking methods, with specializing in upscale Latin American Fusion. Margaret has been a part of several high-profile restaurant openings, worked as a private health and nutrition chef for professional athletes, and even spent time as a pastry chef.
Margaret uses the passion she has found for her own recovery to help others who are struggling with addiction. She has worked in treatment centers since 2018 as a clinician, house manager and a behavioral health technician.

She is honored to join the team at Fountain Hills Recovery as our Executive Chef and looks forward to preparing delicious meals that provide the nutrition necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Paige Warren

Admissions and Billing Coordinator

Paige is from Greenville, South Carolina and attended Clemson University in pursuit of a degree in Business.

Paige’s personal experience with drugs and alcohol led her to recovery and my passion for helping others find their freedom. At Fountain Hills Recovery, Paige has learned to be part of a team whose focus it is to help others find their freedom.

“My life in recovery has restored my relationships with my family and friends. It has given me the opportunity to be a trusted employee, a productive member of society, and a symbol of hope to those who are still suffering. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back what was so freely given me.”

Annette Mary
Annette Mary

Director of Outreach

As the Community Outreach Director for Fountain Hills Recovery, Annette is responsible for building and maintaining strategic alliances within the community and beyond. Annette also serves as the liaison for Fountain Hills Recovery, at both public and private events. “I believe Fountain Hills Recovery is a truly special place where individuals suffering from substance use disorders and their families have the possibility to be made whole again.” Prior to joining Fountain Hills Recovery, Annette’s career spanned over 20 years at top tier Venture Capital Firms in Silicon Valley and Southern California. Annette’s educational background is in Civil Engineering and she attended the University of Texas at Arlington.

Miriam Valles

Office Manager

Miriam is the first face you see when you visit Fountain Hills Recovery. She first started in the behavioral health field 2 years ago, from administrative assistant to front desk coordinator. Miriam’s goal is to ensure everyone who walks through our facility feels welcome. She is honored to be a part of the Fountain Hills Recovery Team!

Fountain Hills Team
John Salem and Natalie Marston-Salem


John Salem and Natalie Marston-Salem are the proud founders and operators of Fountain Hills Recovery. Together, the Salems have built Fountain Hills Recovery to be a ‘culture of caring’ with a family-oriented approach to healing addictions and helping people overcome life’s greatest challenges. Overseeing every aspect of operations from community outreach to clinical programs and quality of life for patients, John and Natalie take a hands-on approach in aiding the active recovery of FHR patients. Together, John and Natalie form the organization’s inspirational core with a mission to create a safe and supportive place for growth and healing for patients and staff alike.