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    Bipolar Disorder

    We all have natural highs and lows in life. You’ve heard people tell you, “there’s good days and bad days”. But what happens when those thoughts and feelings are taken to the extreme? That’s what the 4.4 percent of adults in the country who have bipolar disorder go through. When symptoms present themselves, it becomes challenging to manage your mood and find balance in your life.

    At Fountain Hills Recovery, we know the struggle that bipolar disorder presents on a daily basis. That’s why our bipolar disorder treatment center is here to help you learn healthy ways to cope with your symptoms. Our evidence-based bipolar disorder treatment gives you or your loved one the opportunity to regain independence.

    What is Bipolar Disorder?

    The daily struggle of bipolar disorder can be overwhelming.

    Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that causes intense changes in your mood, energy level, focus and concentration. This disorder acts like a flip of a switch where your entire sense of self changes. These shifts are called manic or depressive episodes, where you struggle to control your inhibitions (mania) or feel like everything is hopeless (depression).

    Manic episodes usually consist of high energy behavior, trouble focusing, lack of inhibition or self-control and feelings of intense positivity. But there is also a low that comes in the form of depressive episodes. Many people experience feelings of hopelessness, lack of motivation, despair and a lack of energy. The four different types of bipolar disorder are:

    • Bipolar 1 Disorder
    • Bipolar 2 Disorder
    • Cyclothymic Disorder
    • Specified or Unspecified Bipolar Disorder

    What Bipolar Disorder Treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery Looks Like

    Our Admissions Process

    At Fountain Hills Recovery, our mental health professionals start by getting to know you or your loved one. During the admissions process, our team will ask questions about:

    • Any mood swings you’ve experienced
    • Your medical history, including past medications you’ve taken
    • Your family history with bipolar disorder
    • Your physical health to rule out causes for bipolar disorder
    • Your current mood and recent behaviors that led you to seek treatment

    This initial assessment allows us to build a natural rapport with you and develop a personalized bipolar disorder treatment plan to help you heal.

    Individual Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

    Individual therapy with trained mental health professionals is a crucial aspect of bipolar disorder treatment. At Fountain Hills Recovery, we’re known for our expert clinical staff and luxury amenities. And with our evidence-based approach to therapy for bipolar disorder, our goal is to help you or your loved one address any underlying issues. Your therapy at Fountain Hills Recovery could include:

    Group Therapy for Bipolar Disorder Treatment

    One of the most powerful aspects of group therapy for bipolar disorder treatment is that it helps you realize you’re not alone. In our safe and luxurious environment, group therapy can help you build communication and healthy coping skills. When you hear from other people going through similar issues, you’ll gain new perspective on the challenges you’re facing. Plus, you’ll have a Fountain Hills Recovery mental health professional guiding your group through the discussions, so you can get the most out of them for your own healing process.

    Medication Management

    When you come to Fountain Hills Recovery for bipolar disorder treatment, you’ll have weekly meetings with a psychiatrist. We will monitor your need for medication and help you find the best option to manage your symptoms. Everyone’s brain chemistry is unique, and a medication that works for one patient may not be effective for another.

    With bipolar disorder, it’s common to be prescribed mood-stabilizing medication to help you manage any shifts to a manic or depressive state. When it comes to bipolar disorder medication, the dosage and timing are important. Our expert team will support you and ensure you’re following the best practices for any medication you take.

    Regain the Life You’ve Lost in Bipolar Disorder Treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery

    When you’re suffering from bipolar disorder, you might feel like there’s no escape from the shifts in your mood. We know that living with a bipolar disorder can feel like an impossible mountain to climb at times. But there is a way back to the life you’re hoping for and Fountain Hills Recovery can help.

    Many people are hesitant to seek mental health treatment because they’re afraid to find out what might be hiding behind their bipolar disorder. There’s no shame in the fear you’re feeling, and we can show you a path where your disorder doesn’t hold you back from enjoying a healthy and balanced life. Contact our friendly staff today to get started.