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    Anxiety Treatment

    When you have an anxiety disorder, it’s like locking yourself out of your house. You’re left with an intense sense of panic and fear, feeling stranded and alone with relief sitting just outside your reach. This is what an anxiety disorder feels like, except it’s always present.

    At Fountain Hills Recovery, we know how challenging it can be to make it through each day when an anxiety disorder is weighing you down. If your anxiety disorder is interfering with your daily life, it might be time to consider getting help. While anxiety can make you feel isolated and misunderstood, we can help you develop healthy ways to cope.

    The Difference Between Regular Anxiety and an Anxiety Disorder

    Anxiety is a natural feeling that everyone experiences. One of the best examples is that uneasy feeling you get right before a presentation. But when that distress and fear become so common that they bring your life to a grinding halt, an anxiety disorder could be the cause. Fountain Hills Recovery offers inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment for:

    • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
    • Social Anxiety Disorder
    • Panic Disorder

    What Anxiety Treatment Looks Like at Fountain Hills Recovery

    When you’re struggling with an anxiety disorder, changes in your routine or lifestyle can be hard to accept. In fact, the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect in anxiety treatment can convince you not to find help. But learning more about what anxiety treatment looks like at Fountain Hills Recovery can help you make that courageous first step towards recovery.

    Our Approach to Anxiety Treatment

    The first step of our anxiety treatment is getting to know you. We build a natural rapport with you and guide you through an initial assessment to learn about your challenges, medication history, triggers and more. From there, we create a personalized plan for you to heal. Our anxiety treatment program uses evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy to uncover the underlying cause of your anxiety.

    You’ll feel a sense of comfort and community sharing your story with people who can relate to your struggles in group therapy. And you’ll work one-on-one with a therapist to uncover the emotions behind your anxiety and develop healthy coping skills to manage future anxiety attacks.

    Medication Management

    When you come to Fountain Hills Recovery for anxiety treatment, you’ll have weekly meetings with a psychiatrist. During these meetings, you’ll be able to discuss how any medication you’re taking is making you feel. Everyone’s brain chemistry is unique, so a medication that works for one patient may not be effective for another. Our expert clinical team will monitor your need for medication and help you find the best option to manage your anxiety symptoms.

    Break Free from Anxiety at Fountain Hills Recovery

    When you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder, you might feel lost and trapped in the pain you fight through each day. Despite what your anxiety is telling you, you’re not alone in your struggle.

    Many people are hesitant to seek treatment because they’re afraid to find out what might be hiding behind their anxiety. But we know that you are capable of seeing a better day. To get your journey started, contact our friendly staff today.