Partial Hospitalization Program Arizona

Fountain Hills Recovery offers an intensive partial hospitalization program (PHP) in Arizona for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our rehabilitation program is customized precisely to your recovery needs. Our programs range in duration and can be combined with pre-intake detox or hospitalization.

Our highly structured, monitored partial hospitalization program in Arizona is in a resort-like home environment that offers serenity as you begin your journey toward sobriety. The purpose of our program is to eliminate the triggers, stresses and distractions of daily life that manifest as addictive behavior. As part of our PHP rehab programs, you’ll participate in an intensive daily program with a team of specialists assigned to you. Fountain Hills Recovery provides an exceptional ratio of staff-to-patient care, with support and coaching to help you break free from the cycle of addiction.

What To Expect From Our Partial Hospitalization Program

As part of this program, patients live on premises on a full-time (yet temporary) basis. Our experienced team of counselors, therapists and support staff will be assigned to you and assist you with your recovery program.

Upon arrival, you’ll be privately escorted to one of the luxury residences in Arizona and assigned a room. Fountain Hills Recovery offers private and semi-private living arrangements depending on your preferences and personal needs. Once you’re comfortably settled in, you’ll meet your Recovery Team, attend meetings and groups, prepare and eat meals with other residents, and go on monitored weekly outings with the staff and other residents. The main focus of a partial hospitalization program is to remove you from the native environments that have triggered and perpetuated your substance use disorder and help you learn new positive life skills and coping habits.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program Offers:

Ambulatory Detox Services

Individualized treatment plan developed collaboratively by the client, therapist and doctors

Luxury Resort-Style Living Accommodations with 360-degree views

Daily access to Psychiatrist, Medical Doctors, Addiction/Behavioral Health Therapists, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Neurological music therapist, Yoga Therapist, Eco-Therapist, Trauma Therapists who specialize in EMDR and many more, highly credentialed individuals

Evidence based therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, Functional Family Therapy, Trauma therapy practices such as EMDR.

Opportunity to disconnect from stressful environments and relationships

Executive Treatment that focuses on addiction and balance. We offer this to individuals who may not be able to completely disconnect from a business. In these cases, we develop a treatment plan which incorporates their business requirements and have allotted times in which they can be available to communicate, etc. Candidates for this program must undergo a strict pre-screen to determine if they are good candidates.

Intervention services and guidance

Family therapy is an integral component of the Fountain Hills Recovery continuum of care. Family dynamics are one of the major triggers for those struggling with addiction and in order to maintain lasting recovery, the family must heal as well. Fountain Hills Recovery provides a comprehensive family program which includes phone, video chat and in person therapy sessions.

Medication management

Psychological testing

Medical/Lab testing

Urine Drug Screens (at random)

Comprehensive aftercare and continuing care planning

The team at Fountain Hills Recovery is here to help you start your journey to recovery. We have the top addiction treatment and detox centers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson. Our private rehabilitation center will provide you or your loved one a safe and comfortable environment to overcome substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Contact us to learn more about our partial hospitalization and additional programs or schedule a tour of our facilities today.