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    As one of Arizona’s leading rehabilitation centers, we come across many different cases of substance abuse. Every individual case is unique in its own way, so being able to approach treatment from different angles and having a wide range of therapy methods available is a huge advantage. Our therapists are known to utilize a number of effective Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies to help patients understand the negative thoughts and emotions they are struggling with. These types of therapies also address the destructive behavior behind their addiction, giving them the knowledge needed for correcting it.

    However, most patients who have been stuck in the vicious cycle of substance abuse for years have adopted a negative outlook on life and are reluctant to address these issues. More than often they have irrational thoughts and beliefs, deep-rooted in their mind. In these cases, our therapists employ a technique called REBT – short for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

    Empowering You To Love Yourself

    Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy has the goal to uproot negative beliefs and views through rational thinking and positive visualization. By challenging and questioning irrational thought patterns, the patient is able to adopt new views that are more sensible and functional.

    REBT has shown to be very effective in treating anxiety, depression, and feeling of extreme guilt. All these conditions are closely associated with substance abuse and dealing with them is crucial if the patient is to recover fully. Self-defeating behaviors and all-or-nothing thinking are an anchor that keeps the patient from moving forward. These destructive thoughts get in the way of making progress and leaving bad habits behind.

    To overcome addiction is not just to refrain from using intoxicating substances. It’s much more than that. It’s adopting a new, healthy way of thinking and looking at things. Through Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, the therapist can empower the patient to regain the self-confidence needed to reach the goals set at the beginning of treatment. REBT, along with other types of therapy, can combine into a broader treatment program that will bring the patient that much closer to a long life of sobriety.

    If you find yourself stuck in the moment, without any motivation or will to change something, Fountain Hills Recovery can offer professional help. Our therapists are more than capable of giving you a hand in your fight with addiction and can be the decisive factor in overcoming it.