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    Addiction is something you ought to battle against with the help of a professional. While it’s perfectly possible to snap out of it by yourself, it’s much easier to conquer it with someone by your side. Occupational therapy for substance abuse is meant to bring you closer to the root of the problem, help you look at things from a critical perspective, and see the consequences left behind by your addiction.

    For example, if you’re a parent (yes, that is an occupation), our therapists will aim to point out all the adverse effects your addiction has had on your parenting skills. More often than not, the children of heavy addicts tend to be neglected, and most of them lack affection. Consequently, a particular percentage of those kids follow their parent’s footsteps and end up in the same predicament.

    Occupational Therapy Is About Breaking Unfavorable Patterns

    Most occupational therapists will examine your habits and behavior throughout an arbitrary amount of time (days/weeks). Once they get a better idea of your patterns, they will point out the most critical mistakes that lead to substance abuse in the first place.

    We at Fountain Hills Recovery strive to construct a new behavioral pattern for our clients by including activities that bring them the most joy. Additionally, we try to identify the patterns that lead to substance abuse in the first place. For example, even though you might think a bottle of wine per day isn’t a big deal, it might just be the factor that pushes your kids away from you. It’s important to remember that it’s not your fault if you aren’t able to see that, but that’s why we are here!

    Another thing worth remembering is that occupational therapy for substance abuse isn’t just a quick fix. Instead, it goes far beyond helping you stop abusing drugs or alcohol; it actually prepares you for the new, substance-free world.  We strive to rehabilitate our clients and prepare them for the new version of their reality. Contrary to popular belief, the shift between constant substance abuse and complete sobriety is a ridiculously hard endeavor and requires a lot of work and adjustments.

    Here are some benefits of occupational therapy you should keep in mind:

    • It helps you rediscover how important you are
    • It helps you rebuild your life, even from scratch
    • It helps you reach goals you’ve previously deemed impossible
    • It helps with the identification of adverse patterns you might not be aware of

    If you’re fighting against substance abuse and are struggling to win the battle, give us a call, and we will gladly help you win the fight against the omnipresent beast better known as – addiction.