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    Cognitive behavioral therapies have shown to be very effective in helping patients understand the thoughts and feelings that influence certain behaviors and are therefore used to treat various phobias, depression, anxiety, and, of course, addiction.

    DBT – short for Dialectical Behavior Therapy, is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that specifically addresses painful emotions and focuses on decreasing conflict in relationships. Participants who go through our Dialectical Behavior Therapy can expect to acquire skills in stress tolerance, emotional regulation, anger management, interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness.

    DBT is also one of the evidence-based therapies we utilize here, at Fountain Hills Recovery, and is backed up by scientific research.

    The goal of DBT is to acknowledge destructive and disturbing thoughts and to transform them into positive ones.

    Equipping You With The Necessary Knowledge to Move Forward

    Our goal with DBT is to help you overcome the obstacles of addiction and become a better version of yourself. This type of therapy can help you leave your old life behind and finally move forward. Professional therapists will work closely with you in developing new positive thought patterns that will further assist you in recognizing and coping with negative emotions.

    We begin the treatment with individual psychotherapy. One-on-one sessions are designed to help the patient step away from negative thinking patterns and refrain from approaching every life situations with an all or nothing mindset. This kind of mentality leads to an emotional imbalance, which is one of the top reasons for substance abuse. Eradicating this type of mindset and practicing mindfulness to achieve balance is key to starting the path to recovery.

    Once we have made progress, we can move to group therapy and work on interpersonal skills with other DBT participants. These skills can help improve relationships with family members, romantic partners, friends, work colleagues, and other people who are close to us. DBT groups are great for providing mutual support and giving additional motivation to apply the newly adopted skills in everyday life.

    Lastly, we assure our clients that they can count on us during every moment of their recovery process. Here at Fountain Hills Recovery, we want to be the backbone of your support system. That’s why we have dedicated therapists answering your calls even after your initial therapy session is completed. They can provide you with the necessary support when you need it the most.

    Need assistance in rebuilding behaviors and keeping the relationships in your life positive and healthy? Help is just one phone call away.