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    Destructive behavior, negative thoughts, and lack of meaningfulness in one’s actions and choices, all go hand in hand with a long record of substance abuse. Without addressing all of these issues, there is no room for progress. Here at Fountain Hills Recovery, we are fully aware that only a multidisciplinary approach is the right approach to treating addiction. No medical detoxification or 12-step program will guarantee long-term sobriety without addressing the core issues and changing the thought pattern that led to substance abuse.

    We believe that progress is made only by combining several types of psychotherapy techniques with other clinically-backed and alternative therapies. By utilizing a comprehensive approach, we can help the patient achieve a successful recovery. One of the methods we use to deal with destructive behavior is called Behavioral Modification Therapy. Our experts have had success with this therapy on numerous occasions and have helped thousands of patients find their way back to a normal and happy life.

    Why Is Behavioral Modification Therapy Crucial for Recovery

    Behavioral Modification Therapy addresses the core issues embedded in the patient’s behavior. By using positive and negative reinforcement, the therapist is able to reshape the destructive behaviors into more healthy and productive ones.

    Behavior modification therapy is based on the theory that good or bad behaviors are reinforced by the consequences that come afterward. While drug abuse leads to a negative impact on one’s health, initially it rewards the user with a pleasurable sensation and a sense of euphoria. The body adapts to constant exposure to a drug and develops tolerance while the user continues seeking out this sensation, further spiraling down the rabbit hole.

    Through continuous work with the therapist and learning how to recognize and concentrate on the negative consequences of drug abuse, the patient is able to avoid it in the future. On top of that, the patient is continuously reminded of the positive pay-off of staying sober.

    We know what you’re going through and we can help. But, in order to help you, you need to reach out and ask for it. Make the call today, or contact us via our website and we can schedule a consultation at the earliest possible time. With Fountain Hills Recovery on your team, every fight is winnable, and every struggle is an opportunity to improve.