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    Whether you are suffering from a substance abuse or mental health disorder, there’s a common theme: Many people in these situations avoid talking about their story and experiences. Although painful memories and emotions can be revealed, sharing your story in individual therapy is a necessary step in your journey to lasting recovery. By letting someone else understand your story, you’ll be working towards building compassion and trust with yourself.

    In order for us to help you overcome addiction issues, you have to help yourself first. The first step to redemption is acknowledging you have an issue in the first place. Quite a lot of people are simply not aware of the gravity of their problems until it starts taking its toll. We know how challenging this process can be. Our mental health therapists and addiction recovery experts can help you find lasting recovery.

    Individual Therapy & Counseling Holds the Solutions to Your Issues

    Addiction and mental health disorders tend to leave emotional scars, which are borderline impossible to erase. However, with the help of Fountain Hills Recovery staff, you can make a lasting change in your life.

    Our facility is leading the industry with accredited programs, and as such, we maintain our reputation at the highest level with our wide range of programs. Whether you need outpatient therapy for depression or anxiety, or an inpatient stay for dual diagnosis disorders, we help our patients feel safe and comfortable.

    What to Expect with Individual Counseling at Fountain Hills Recovery

    We help our patients overcome the fear of the unknown with individual counseling, and we believe it’s one of the best ways for you to overcome the consequences of addiction and mental health disorders.

    Alongside addiction and substance abuse, some of the common disorders we treat include:

    • Complex trauma
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Depression
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Bipolar disorders
    • Co-occurring conditions

    Our individual therapy programs include the following services:

    • Therapy for both addiction and mental health disorders
    • One-on-one counseling with a mental health therapist
    • Therapy methods specialized for your needs
    • Recreational therapy activities
    • Medication management (if needed)
    • Relapse prevention and aftercare support

    Supportive Therapy near Scottsdale, Arizona

    If you’re struggling to cope with addiction or a mental health disorder and feel like you’re  running out of options, don’t hesitate to reach out. Allow us to help you take the first step in making a decision that supports a healthy lifestyle. Our staff is more than willing and ready to give you better insight into the things you can do to improve the quality of your life. We know it’s not an easy step to take, but remember, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to overcome certain issues.

    Do you need help to win your life battle? Give us a call, and we’ll gladly lend a hand!