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    Successfully eradicating a long-established habit of substance abuse is not an easy task. Overcoming addiction requires a strong support system, professional help, and above all, the desire to change.

    Unfortunately, most people who suffer from addiction also lack the necessary willpower and have a negative outlook on life. This negative mindset is the result of years of neglect, harmful thoughts, and dysfunctional behaviors. If the person suffering from addiction is to achieve any progress and change for the better, he or she needs to be motivated to do so. Creating motivation is, once again, not an easy task, but is something our therapists are experts in doing.

    Sparking The Change

    When it comes to building motivation, our therapists employ a number of techniques including Motivational Interviewing. This form of psychotherapy utilizes a counseling approach which aims to empower the patients and give them the motive to change their destructive behaviors. This type of psychotherapy has shown excellent results when incorporated into a broader treatment plan. In these one-on-one sessions, the therapist works closely with the patient on strengthening the will and motivation to spark a change.

    The therapist’s ultimate goal is to break through the patient’s resistance to adopt a different mindset and reject their destructive behavior, however, before the therapist can show the patient why change is important, he/she needs to express empathy and build a relationship based on trust.

    Once progress is made, the therapist can move on to inspire change in a non-threatening manner and introduce a series of questions that will help the patient realize why adopting a different attitude is key to moving forward in the recovery process. Once that link is created, there is room for motivation and self-confidence to grow.

    Building self-confidence is crucial in preparing patients to handle the challenges that lie ahead, on their own. Only then is the Motivational Interviewing Treatment complete and the chance for relapse is minimized.

    Motivational Interviewing can benefit treatment of substance abuse by:

    • Providing empathy in a delicate period
    • Inspiring change in a non-threatening manner
    • Helping the patient realize why change is necessary
    • Giving feedback and improving the overall treatment program

    Do you lack the will and motivation to make a change in your life? We urge you to pick up the phone before it’s too late and give us a call. Our experts can provide you with professional help that can assist you in taking back control of your life.