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    As a recognized leader in addiction and mental health treatment, we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every case is unique, and each client responds differently to various treatment methods. The only proper way to approach overcoming addiction and mental health disorders is to look at it from different angles. One-on-one sessions are great for breaking the ice and establishing a relationship between the client and the therapist, but group therapy can foster a different kind of growth.

    Group therapy is one of the ways we encourage clients to develop a greater sense of trust, compassion and confidence. Sharing your emotions and thoughts with a group can be incredibly healing and open your mind to new ideas and viewpoints. The goal is that the supportive community in group therapy becomes ingrained in your thought process. With enough progress, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to cope and process your negative thought patterns and destructive behaviors.

    Why is Group Therapy So Effective?

    While sharing personal struggles and issues with strangers might seem intimidating to some, there are a number of benefits associated with participating in group therapy. First of all, it is important to realize that all the participants are facing similar problems. By identifying with each other and discussing their issues, they can gain valuable insight and work together towards becoming better versions of themselves. And for many of us, knowing that we’re not alone can be quite empowering.

    Participants have the opportunity to get rid of some of the shame and guilt they feel by sharing their stories. They can also hold each other accountable, thus creating a strong and supportive group of individuals striving to improve and reach their goals together. And as an addiction and mental health treatment center that helps clients deal with trauma, having a strong sense of community is important.

    What to Expect with Group Therapy at Fountain Hills Recovery

    Fountain Hills Recovery is known for nourishing a growth-oriented culture, and this is most evident in group therapy sessions. That being said, these sessions are always done under the guidance and supervision of a trained and experienced therapist, whose job is to create a safe and therapeutic environment for those involved. Similar to what you find at a mental health clinic, our therapists are here to help clients gain a deep understanding of their substance use or mental health disorder and acquire the necessary knowledge to overcome it.

    Some of the benefits of group therapy include:

    • Facing your fears as a team
    • Having your own support system made up of people who share similar experiences
    • Accountability and insight
    • Shedding the feeling of shame and guilt
    • Improving interpersonal and communication skills

    Fountain Hills Recovery is one of the leading addiction treatment and mental health rehab facilities in Arizona. And thanks to the comprehensive programs we offer and the expertise of our clinical staff, we’re able to help clients find lasting recovery. In case you’re looking to help yourself or a member of your family, call our helpline today, and our admissions team will gladly assist you.