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    Many people aren’t aware of the sheer impact of your bad eating habits during rehabilitation. In other words, nutrition is extremely important in addiction recovery, and it’s one of the primary things you should focus on while going through the process of abstinence.

    Here at Fountain Hills Recovery, we aim to educate our patients and offer them a better insight into the importance of nutrition during rehabilitation. As an addicted individual starts neglecting their nutrients, their body will start showing signs of malnutrition and lack of appetite.

    More importantly, the vast majority of addicts have a massive problem with lack of nutrients because most of them spend both their money and time on drugs and alcohol rather than healthy food. Whatever the case may be, we are here to make you feel better and help you battle against addiction safely and with great results!

    Everything Starts With Proper Nutrition

    Months and years of constant drug abuse will leave a mark on your wellbeing; there’s no question about that. More importantly, fixing the aforementioned issue requires dedication, time, and most importantly – well-educated peers. Luckily, Fountain Hills Recovery facility has some of the most capable experts in the field who are more than willing to point you in the right direction when it comes to proper rehabilitation.

    As we’ve mentioned, continuous drug abuse can lead to malnutrition which consequently manifests itself in numerous ways, including:

    • Muscle deterioration
    • Heart rate issues
    • Depression
    • Low body temperature
    • Fragile immune system
    • Vitamin deficiencies

    Bear in mind, the list above is nowhere near complete, but rather a collection of the most common side effects of malnutrition. In other words, the adverse effects of improper food intake stretch far beyond the few that we’ve listed.

    A healthy diet is one of the best first steps after years of drug abuse. As your body starts rejuvenating itself from the inside, you’ll start feeling better, and more importantly – you’ll notice significant improvements and benefits such as:

    • Increased energy
    • Mood improvements
    • Resilient immune system
    • Massive risk reduction for certain diseases
    • Improved memory

    As you can tell, there are numerous benefits of proper nutrition, meaning you should allow it to play an active role in your journey towards betterment.

    If you’re struggling to find a healthy way to change your eating habits radically, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help you with your journey.