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    Beating addiction is an ongoing struggle that can last long after completing rehabilitation. The real test begins the moment the patient leaves our facility and goes back to his/her everyday life. That’s why it is essential to educate and equip the patient with the necessary knowledge on how to handle stressful situations and avoid triggers that can cause a relapse.

    Here at Fountain Hills Recovery, we utilize a number of stress management techniques. Some of the most beneficial ones are mindfulness-based therapies. Various types of meditation, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, relapse prevention, and acceptance and commitment therapy all fall under this alternative approach.

    A Long-Lasting Solution for Substance Abuse

    Patients who participate in our substance abuse treatment programs have access to a plethora of alternative therapies that can help them disconnect from negative thought patterns and cravings and reconnect with themselves. Through mindfulness training for addiction treatment, the patient learns how to process stressful situations in a healthy manner, develop a tolerance for negative emotions, and find their spiritual grounding. Mindfulness training also helps the individual focus on the now instead of the past and the future.

    Those who participate in our guided meditation groups can expect to see numerous improvements to their psychological and physical health. Some of those improvements include:

    • Better immune system
    • Better sleep
    • Dissipating symptoms of anxiety and depression
    • Pain relief
    • Decreased blood pressure

    These are just a few of the benefits that come from mindfulness meditation. Cravings can also be managed by practicing mindfulness techniques. These techniques teach the patient to address the cravings with awareness and intention; to imagine what will happen if they act on the craving. They instruct the patient to take deep breaths and observe the emotions underlying those cravings. Finally, they teach patients about self-acceptance and the commitment they made to themselves, reminding them of the goals they set at the beginning of their journey.

    When combined with traditional treatment methods, patients who undergo mindfulness-based therapies for their addiction have all the tools they need to remain sober and lower their chance of relapsing.

    If you or your loved one have been unsuccessful in beating addiction in the past, it’s time to change that. Fountain Hills Recovery is the leading rehabilitation center in Arizona and can help you finally defeat your substance use disorder. Call our confidential helpline, today. Our addiction specialists will be more than happy to assist you.