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    A comprehensive addiction treatment plan will always involve empirically validated treatment modalities such as medical detoxification, withdrawal management, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, and a 12-step program for drug rehab and alcohol treatment.

    Aside from these clinically-backed methods, there should always be a set of holistic activities to take care of the body, mind, and spirit. These alternative therapies might come secondary to traditional treatment methods but are just as essential if the patient is to achieve long-term success in the fight against addiction. Among all alternative therapy methods we offer here at Fountain Hills Recovery, Ecotherapy is probably the most popular one.

    Getting You Back Into Shape

    Ecotherapy is all about learning how to be open about your feelings and thoughts by spending time in the great outdoors. Since our treatment facility is conveniently tucked away among gorgeous desert vistas and majestic mountain peaks offering the most picturesque sunsets imaginable, our patients get to enjoy many outdoor activities in a beautiful setting.

    Ecotherapy at Fountain Hills Recovery can take so many different forms that the patient can choose the activity he/she wants to take part in. If they are naturally drawn to a particular physical activity, we can help them fully discover and embrace that passion. People who leave our facility tend to continue to explore their connection with nature and adopt some of the activities they’ve been participating in during their recovery as a healthy way of filling their leisure time.

    Some of the benefits of Ecotherapy include:

    Establishing a relationship with nature

    Finding harmony and spiritual grounding through the power of nature

    Participating in adrenaline-pumping activities to satisfy the need for excitement

    Natural stress-management and cure for depression

    Getting back into shape and feeling great.

    Here at Fountain Hills Recovery, we strive to do more than just treat addiction. Our goal is to build a growth-oriented culture and integrate our patients into it. If you want to put your past life of substance abuse behind you once and for all, we can help. Call our number today, and our admissions team will take care of the rest. We’ll make sure you come out victorious in your fight with addiction, and live out the rest of your life drug- and alcohol-free.