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    Alternative therapies for treating drug and alcohol abuse are far from a viable standalone solution for defeating addiction. However, they are more than often the missing piece needed to make a broader treatment program successful.

    Art therapy is a form of alternative therapy and a newer treatment modality in addiction treatment. The healing power of Art therapy is hard to describe; nevertheless, the evidence is clearly there as many of our patients take great joy in participating in these sessions. Here’s how Art therapy can complement other, clinically-backed methods and improve the effectiveness of the overall rehabilitation process.

    A Way of Expressing Yourself Without Words

    Art therapy sessions are usually held in a group setting. The therapist will provide the participants with the necessary supplies and tools like a pen and paper, or canvas and various types of paint. Depending on the assignment, some session will include clay, wire, or charcoal.

    Apart from setting the theme for the art project and giving a few guidelines, the therapist will not interfere with the participant’s creative process. There’s no set of rules or right or wrongs. Patients are free to explore different styles and methods, even invent their own.

    The process itself is a way of expressing melancholic emotions and troublesome thoughts. It’s a way of communicating without the use of words. It is also a way of alleviating stress and built-up frustration. Those who have an issue with expressing their feelings through words particularly enjoy art therapy and find it to be one of their favorite methods of expression. Through creating art, the patient is able to externalize their internal struggles and difficulties, therefore being able to reflect on them.

    Once the artwork is complete, the therapist and the patient can go on and discuss the meaning behind it. Sometimes, the hidden meaning and symbols can give great insight into the emotional state of the patient, but can also serve later on in the recovery process as a comparison of the patient’s state of mind, then and now.

    If you are interested in exploring alternative therapies for addiction treatment, our holistic approach can be a natural solution to your problems. These alternative methods combined with traditional treatment modalities can do wonders for you. Call our confidential helpline and talk to a Fountain Hills Recovery professional, today.