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    Many people are reluctant when it comes to animal-assisted therapy because it’s not something as conventional as, for example, recreational therapy. However, animals are well-known for having an incredible therapeutic significance, especially when it comes to treating people who have been addicted to various substances for several years.

    The concept of this type of therapy is pretty simple – it consists of patients spending time with therapy animals that have been carefully selected, trained, and socialized for the sole purpose of helping people overcome addiction. Ultimately, these animals become your faithful companions throughout the process of rehabilitation and can help you gain a better and more positive outlook on therapy.

    Animals Are Indeed Your Best Friend

    Many recovering addicts share a similar sentiment when it comes to animal-assisted therapy. While not all people see the immediate benefits, the vast majority of them ultimately realize how important it is to have a faithful companion by your side during your fight against addiction.

    Here at Fountain Hills Recovery, we aim to help out patients by introducing them to a whole new world of exciting and joyful endeavors. Whether you’re passionate about cats, dogs, or horses, we are willing to come up with a program that’s beneficial both for your mind and body.

    Spending time with animals has numerous benefits some of which include:

    • Significantly lowers your stress levels and eliminates frustration
    • Enhances your ability to connect with others
    • Helps you open up and gather the courage to talk about your problems
    • Restores hope and shows anything is possible with the right amount of persistence

    Apart from having amazing therapeutic properties, animal assisted therapy is also a great way to make new friends without worrying about them judging your behavior. Keeping a close circle of friends while you’re pushing through rehab is challenging in and of itself, and that’s why befriending an animal is so beneficial. As soon as you start feeling better and get a more positive outlook on the whole situation, it will dramatically increase your chances of successfully going through treatment.

    Animals will never judge you but rather offer the much-needed unconditional love most addicts are craving for. Every journey starts with the first step, and having an animal alongside for the ride is definitely the right course of action.

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