Levels of Care at Our Expert Rehab Center in Arizona

Everyone’s struggle with addiction or mental health is different and there’s no universal starting line. That’s why Fountain Hills Recovery offers a continuum of care to meet your struggles at the present moment. Our focus isn’t just to help you in the short-term, but to get to the bottom of your addiction and mental health challenges and help you reach lasting recovery.

Each level of care at Fountain Hills Recovery is designed to help you be prepared for any new challenges that come your way. From the moment you realize you need help, to moving back into regular life, you won’t be alone. The levels of addiction and mental health care we provide include:

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment for addiction or mental health is often the first step towards recovery. The primary focus is helping you or your loved one reach medical and mental stabilization. You can expect personalized treatment in a safe and healing environment. You’ll learn healthy coping skills and take part in evidence-based therapies to help you regain the purpose you’ve lost. Clients can attend residential treatment at our treatment center in Scottsdale, then move to Fountain Hills, Arizona to complete our other levels of care.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Think of our Partial Hospitalization Program as a step between residential and outpatient treatment. You’ll temporarily live at our Fountain Hills residences while our team of experienced counselors and therapists help your recovery. The goal of this treatment is to decrease the triggers, stresses and distractions of daily life that cause or worsen your addiction or mental health disorder. During your stay, you’ll learn positive life skills and healthy coping strategies to move your recovery forward.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) gives you the structured feeling of inpatient treatment but is flexible to allow you to keep up with other responsibilities. You’ll live at home but will do all of the activities that take place in our partial hospitalization program. Fountain Hills Recovery offers five- and three day-a-week IOP programs. IOP is ideal for anyone who can’t commit to full-time treatment but still want to make progress towards recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Whether you’re struggling with addiction or mental health, we want you to have the ability to move your recovery forward without sacrificing other responsibilities. Our outpatient treatment is customized to the unique challenges of each patient. Usually, outpatient treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery is less than three days a week and is better suited for people further into their recovery journey.

Achieve Lasting Recovery at Fountain Hills Recovery

As one of the top treatment centers in Arizona, Fountain Hills Recovery offers industry leading programs and amenities to help individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders to heal. Each of our levels of care mentioned above are available for your recovery. We also offer additional levels of care at our addiction treatment Arizona facility, such as Family Care and holistic therapy. Our experienced staff members are here to help you or your loved one determine which level of care is best for your recovery. Learn more about how we can help you reach lasting recovery by contacting us today.