Celebrity Rehab Program

Fountain Hills Recovery is Arizona’s #1 private luxury drug and alcohol treatment center offering an exceptional level of care to individuals looking for the utmost privacy and discretion when seeking treatment. It’s crucial to get help for the disease of addiction, but treatment can be complicated for individuals whose reputations are on the line. For some, public admission to addiction can have a significant impact on career. Nestled in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona Fountain Hills Recovery offers an elevated level of privacy and care with a behavioral health treatment program that promises discretion and an elevated patient experience.

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At Fountain Hills Recovery, we firmly believe that your journey is yours alone. Many high-profile Executives and Celebrities choose Fountain Hills Recovery because of our strict zero-tolerance non-disclosure policy, which assures complete anonymity for all of our patients. At Fountain Hills Recovery, the privacy of all of our patients is paramount and all patient identities are protected at all times. Fountain Hills Recovery offers private accommodations and options for partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs that work around your schedule while providing the help you need through a dedicated team of private clinicians and support staff.

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The life of a celebrity often comes with a high price. A lifestyle that surrounds sex, drugs, booze, money, parties can quickly turn into an addiction that is out of your control. With constant appearances at parties and events, drinks constantly flowing, celebrities find themselves in the throes of addiction. Often times celebrity addiction co-occurs with serious mental health issues and drug and alcohol use is frequently worsened by anxiety, stress and physical and mental burnout. At Fountain Hills Recovery, our goal is to help you find peace, quiet and solace in an environment that allows you to focus on your personal well-being.



At Fountain Hills Recovery, we know the demands of being an actor, musician or entertainer are high. Celebrities are often expected to be ‘on’ 24/7 and there is sometimes not much support to help you stay balanced and well. Our celebrity treatment program is designed to help you learn the tools you need to resist temptations and maintain your personal sense of wellbeing. Our dedicated clinical team works directly with you to create a plan for your life in the limelight while providing you with the rest, recovery and support you need to make positive and permanent changes in your life.