Every waking moment of every single day orbits around your need for alcohol or drugs. You’re a slave to your cravings, planning when you’re going to drink next, how you’re going to sneak drugs past your loved ones and where you’re going to get the money to buy your next bottle of pills.

You’ve pushed family members and friends away who have fought against your addiction, not seeing that all they wanted to do was help you. Your career has fallen apart, your financial well-being is in shambles and you’re left with nothing more than a shadow of what your life used to be.

You may have started drinking or getting high to help you cope with chronic pain or get you through a divorce or social anxiety. But that euphoria you used to chase has transformed into a debilitating nightmare that controls your every thought, feeling and action.

Are you ready to say you’ve had enough?

If you want to take back control of your life, Fountain Hills Recovery can help. If you’ve struggled with addiction like so many others in Maricopa County have, there’s hope for recovery. Here’s why our addiction treatment center near Scottsdale, Arizona can help you effectively overcome substance abuse.

The Benefits of Fountain Hills Drug Rehab Near Scottsdale

Did you know Arizona’s highest rates of opioid addiction in 2016 came from Maricopa County? Of the 5,202 opioid overdoses recorded in the state, more than half were from cities like Scottsdale that reside in Maricopa County. What’s more, Scottsdale and other cities and towns within the county have been hit with other substances like heroin and meth.

Statistics like these can seem bleak to someone like you who is struggling with addiction and looking to recover. Fortunately, Fountain Hills Recovery can help, and here’s how:

    1. We Offer Private, Secure Treatment. Our treatment center in Fountain Hills, Arizona may not be physically far away from your home, but our property is large enough and secluded enough where you won’t feel like you’re still in the toxic environment where your addiction developed. With 17,000 square feet of living space at our luxury residences, we offer a quiet, peaceful and private place for you to overcome addiction.
    2. We Aren’t a Hospital or Traditional Treatment Center. In traditional or hospital-style treatment centers, it’s easy to feel like a statistic. At our treatment center near Scottsdale, you’ll live and recover in luxury. Our Sonoran and Greenbrier estates offer extraordinary resort-style amenities and care to help you relax and more effectively recover from substance abuse. When you’re here, we don’t want you to feel punished for suffering from addiction. Instead, we want to help you feel safe and at ease.
    3. We Have Highly Experienced Staff. Our team is composed of highly trained professionals who were handpicked for their specific roles at Fountain Hills Recovery. Not only do they have proven track records of their expertise, they also provide compassionate treatment because they genuinely care about you and your recovery. Many of them are personally in recovery, so they bring an invaluable perspective that makes it even easier for them to connect with and help those struggling with addiction.
    4. We Use Evidence-Based Treatment Methods. Our approach to addiction treatment near Scottsdale is to provide evidence-based therapies proven to help people recover from substance abuse. In our partial-hospitalization program, for example, you’ll participate in individual and group therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and EMDR, and have daily access to our credentialed medical staff and therapists.
    5. We Offer Therapies to Help Strengthen Your Mind, Body and Spirit. Our approach also includes holistic therapies that can help heal your mind and body and make it easier for you to open up during your therapy sessions. Through your personalized treatment plan, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in equine therapy, recreational therapy, chiropractic care, yoga and so many more holistic treatments.
    6. We Can Help You Reconnect with Family and Friends. In order to establish long-term sobriety, you need to heal the wounds that addiction caused your loved ones. At Fountain Hills Recovery, we provide family therapy that’s designed to improve communication and fix the damage between you and your family members and friends.
    7. We Treat You with Dignity and Compassion. At our treatment center near Scottsdale, we know how destructive and heartbreaking substance abuse is. Many of us have personally experienced addiction and have even lost loved ones to it. So, when you come here, we don’t judge you or make you feel more ashamed than you already do. On the contrary, it’s our mission to treat you with the compassion, dignity and respect you deserve as a human being courageously trying to break free from addiction. We are committed to your recovery and are here to help you achieve lasting sobriety.

    Start Your Recovery Today at Fountain Hills Recovery Near Scottsdale

    Just because addiction has hit Scottsdale and its neighboring cities and towns in Maricopa County hard doesn’t mean you have to accept this. Instead, aren’t you ready to be part of the fight to weed out substance abuse in your home city and state? It all begins with getting effective addiction treatment for yourself at Fountain Hills Recovery.

    If you’re ready to overcome your addiction, we can help you get started. Contact us today and a member of our admissions team will answer any questions you may have and walk you through our admissions process.