Searching for residential rehab can feel a lot like the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairy tale. Some inpatient treatment centers may not offer the privacy you’d prefer, and others may not provide medication-assisted treatment to help you cope with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. And still others may lack the credibility and experience you’d expect from a trusted rehab center.

Like Goldilocks searching for a bed that feels just right, you want to find a residential rehab that aligns perfectly with your specific needs and preferences. At Fountain Hills Recovery, we strive to provide the residential treatment program that’s just right for you.

What Our Residential Rehab Program in Arizona is Like

Residential rehab at Fountain Hills Recovery is the first level of treatment in our personalized continuum of care approach. This is where you take your first significant step towards long-lasting sobriety.

Medical and Mental Stabilization

When you arrive at our modern, state-of-the-art residential treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona, you’ll be immediately seen by our caring and compassionate nursing staff and team of experts. They will assess your condition and build a treatment plan unique to your specific physical, mental and emotional needs.

Our residential rehab program’s primary focus is your medical and mental stabilization. If deemed appropriate, you’ll complete sub-acute detox to help rid your body and mind of the alcohol or drugs. Our medical team will monitor you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure you detox safely.

With doctors, nurses and other medical professionals on-site, our team can provide you with medications proven to alleviate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and put you in a better position to detox successfully.

Once sub-acute detox is complete, you’ll participate in four hours of therapy seven days a week. These therapy sessions are designed to help you begin working through your addiction and destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Off-Site Activities and Experiential Therapies

Once you’ve been medically cleared by our team, your treatment schedule will begin to include off-site activities and other experiential therapies designed to strengthen and heal your mind, body and spirit.

For example, you may enjoy a morning strengthening your muscles and relaxing your mind with our certified yoga and meditation practitioner, or you might spend an afternoon growing your self awareness with our equine therapist and horses.

When combined with our evidence-based treatments, these experiential therapies provide a holistic approach to recovery and remind you of what a healthy, active lifestyle looks like.

Amenities in Residential Rehab

Our rehab center is designed to make you feel as comfortable and at home as possible while you’re in treatment. It offers large, open spaces and countless windows to give you plenty of room to move around and gorgeous views of Scottsdale.

The facility includes an incredible kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, perfect for cooking and eating delicious and healthy meals to help your body and mind begin to heal. Comfy couches and multiple fireplaces offer a relaxing, stress-free environment indoors and our outdoor pool and putting greens are great when you want to get up and have some fun.

Our residential rehab center can give you that first taste of what it truly means to thrive and enjoy life without substance abuse.

What Makes Our Residential Rehab a Good Choice for You?

From our expert medical team and evidence-based treatments to our experiential therapy activities and amenities, our residential rehab offers you the chance you’ve been waiting for to truly achieve long-lasting recovery.

But those aren’t the only reasons why our residential program is a good choice for treatment. Our residential rehab is also:

  • Credible. Fountain Hills Recovery is a proud recipient of The Joint Commission of National Quality Approval. This accreditation means we offer trustworthy and effective addiction treatment.
  • Private. Feeling safe and secure is necessary for addiction and mental health treatment to be effective. Our residential program only takes up to 10 clients at a time to ensure you get the privacy you want and receive the personalized care you need and deserve.
  • Experienced. Our residential program doesn’t just employ anyone. Our entire team is highly experienced and certified in treating substance abuse and mental health disorders. Each member of our team was hand-picked for their role because of their expertise and ability to truly care for clients in residential rehab without judgement. At our residential program in Scottsdale, you’ll be getting the very best treatment possible.

Start Your Recovery at Our Residential Program in Scottsdale Today

As Arizona’s premier addiction and mental health treatment center, we are positioned to help you overcome addiction, manage your mental health and get you on a path towards lasting sobriety. Once you complete residential treatment, you’ll be able to continue your recovery with us through partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment and the rest of our continuum of care.

If you’re ready to learn more about our residential program and find out how to get started, contact our expert staff today.