There was a time when you knew all the hottest bars and clubs in town. Going out on the weekend used to be the highlight of your week. But before you could realize what was happening, your drinking quickly spiraled into an alcohol addiction.

Whether you made your way through addiction treatment or just want to cut back, your old go-to hangouts are filled with too much temptation. You’re left questioning the best way to go about it. Should you go to the bar anyway and try to resist the temptation? Is staying in the answer?

Fortunately, there may be another option that can let you go out and socialize without the risk of relapsing. After all, hanging out with friends doesn’t have to be centered around alcohol use. Luckily, sober bars are beginning to take hold in Arizona. In this post, we’ll give you an inside look at what sober bars are and how they can help your recovery.

An Inside Look at Sober Bars

For a long time, people suffering from an addiction had limited late night options for entertainment. Bars and clubs are filled with temptations and risks for relapse. That’s where sober bars come in. Sober bars are exactly what the name implies. It’s a bar that doesn’t serve alcohol, but it does offer the same atmosphere that encourages social interaction.

It’s an idea that found its roots in Europe and is quickly gaining popularity all across the United States. Think of it as a safe haven that provides social connection without the pressure to drink and experiment with drugs. That way, none of your old habits come to the surface.

Sober bars often provide a wide variety of tasty alcohol-free beverages. Some of the common drinks you’ll find include:

  • Non-alcoholic Shirley Temples
  • Virgin Daiquiris
  • Arnold Palmers
  • Mock Champagnes, and
  • Club soda and lime

The Benefits of Sober Bars

1. A Safe Environment to Socialize

For those in recovery, feeling isolated is one of the biggest risk factors for relapse. And a great way to manage the stress and anxiety of recovery is to build relationships with people who have gone through similar experiences. Like a support group, sober bars offer patrons an environment where they can feel safe and supported – something that isn’t always easy to find when you’re in recovery.

2. A Way to Develop a Healthy Habit of Having Fun Sober

If you’re recovering from an alcohol addiction, it’s easy to look back on the wild nights of the past and think that you can’t have fun without drinking. You’re not alone. This mindset is actually pretty common for those in recovery. One of the benefits of a sober bar is that it helps you relearn how to have fun without drugs or alcohol.

3. A Place to Escape from Alcohol

Alcohol seems to be everywhere these days. From TV shows to movies and social media posts, it can be tough for you to escape it. After all, when you’re recovering from an alcohol addiction, being offered a drink or being in a place where it’s acceptable is a risk. Sometimes you need a place where you don’t have to worry about any temptations. You won’t have to explain why you’re not drinking. You’ll be able to relax and focus on the present moment.

4. You Can Expand Your Social Circle

It might be surprising, but sober bars don’t only appeal to people in recovery. Non-drinkers, students under 21 and people who are curious about new adventures often go to sober bars. As someone in recovery, sober bars are the perfect chance to make new friends based on interests outside of alcohol. Meeting other non-drinkers can help you not feel isolated and misunderstood during your recovery.

What is it Like at a Sober Bar?

When you go to a sober bar, expect a different kind of feeling than your usual restaurant or bar. Many people go to sober bars as a healthy way to let go of pent up energy. Engaging activities like karaoke, dancing, pool, darts and listening to music are common. Imagine a place dedicated to proving that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time. That’s what it feels like walking into a sober bar.

Discover Purpose-Driven Addiction Treatment in Arizona

Sober bars aren’t the only solution that can help you on your journey towards lasting recovery. Fountain Hills Recovery is a luxury addiction treatment center in Arizona. We focus on providing individualized treatment. After all, no two addictions are the same.

If you’re looking for some extra support on your recovery journey, our outpatient addiction treatment can help. It’s a way to break the cycle of addiction without having a major impact on your daily responsibilities.

The path to lasting recovery isn’t a straight line. There are up and downs. And sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on when your recovery takes a hard turn. At Fountain Hills Recovery, we can offer you a foundation to rebuild a new and healthy life again if you’ve relapsed.

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