The holidays are known for family dinners, heartfelt moments with friends and spending time with the people you love the most. But for your loved one who is in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, the holidays can be filled with stress and anxiety.

This year, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has made social distancing the newest holiday tradition. At first glance, you might think this will actually increase your loved one’s anxiety and put their sobriety at risk. However, social distancing can actually help your loved one keep their recovery on track during this difficult time.

4 Ways Social Distancing this Holiday Season is Good for Recovery

1. Decreased Drug and Alcohol Temptations

It’s normal for people to return home to celebrate with their friends and family during the holidays. This means your loved one may struggle to avoid old acquaintances who are bad influences. These individuals may want your loved one to go to the bar with them or attend holiday parties that offer plenty of alcohol. While social distancing isn’t ideal, it can help your loved one avoid the people and environments that may trigger relapse triggers.

Instead of bars and alcohol-filled holiday parties, you and your loved one can enjoy an intimate holiday season, hosting and attending sober festivities and visiting friends and family via video calls.

2. Support Groups are Easier to Find

Many people in addiction recovery are currently feeling isolated due to social distancing.  Historically, support groups for addiction recovery during the holidays have been hard to come by. Fortunately, though, the pandemic has created an opportunity for a surge of online addiction recovery support groups people can attend.

Online communities like In The Rooms can offer your loved one a safe space to share their struggles with people who know what they are going through. With so many online support groups up and running, your loved one can still feel supported and cared for this holiday season.

3. There Are Less Distractions

When you’re in addiction recovery, there’s no question your sobriety should be a top priority. But we’re all human and no one is immune to protecting themselves against every distraction. From spending time with friends and attending holiday events, it can be hard for your loved one to keep their recovery top of mind.

This year, though, the pandemic has temporarily shut down many of these distractions. This can help your loved one be more responsible and stay out of trouble. All the extra time that would be spent on social activities can be reinvested in their recovery, participating in activities like exercise and reading that can help them stay invigorated and healthy.

4. Increased Opportunities to Practice Self-Care

One of the ways to fight back against the stress and anxiety of the holiday season is practicing self-care. Self-care is any behavior that increases physical, emotional or mental health in a positive way. With the usual hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be hard for your loved one to remember to take care of themselves.

However, social distancing can actually help your loved one get into the habit of self-care. Since your loved one is going out less, they can participate in other activities like yoga and meditation to keep their thoughts and emotions in check and keep their recovery going in the right direction.

Find Support for Your Loved One at Fountain Hills Recovery

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