After your last hit or round of drinks, you thought to yourself, “enough is enough.” You’re tired of all the cravings, withdrawal symptoms if you go too long without alcohol or drugs, and the miserable aftermath you’re left with after you drink or get high.

You need rehab to get you sober, but there’s one thing that’s making you hesitate. How are you going to pay for addiction treatment?

On the addiction rehab websites you’ve seen, there are options to verify your insurance. Then you remember the last time you used insurance for medical care. Red tape and delays may have prevented you from getting care sooner. You could pay for treatment completely out of pocket, instead. But is that a better option than using insurance?

The good news is you’re not the first person to wonder how you’re going to pay for addiction treatment. It’s important to note that there is no one right answer. How you pay for treatment ultimately depends on your unique situation and what is best for you. This blog aims to give you valuable information about insurance coverage and private pay, so you can make the best financial decision for your treatment needs.

Advantages of Using Private Pay for Addiction Treatment

You Can Go to the Treatment Center You Feel Most Comfortable with

One of best advantages of using private pay for addiction treatment is that you get full freedom of choice. Your insurance company might have restrictions on which addiction treatment programs you can enter. But with private pay, you get to choose the treatment that feels right to you.

It might not seem like an advantage at first. But if you find an addiction treatment center that you’re comfortable with, it can make a difference in your recovery journey.

You Can Stay for As Long as You Need

It happens more often than you think. Sometimes, when people use insurance for addiction treatment, they have to leave rehab before they are truly ready. Why does this happen with insurance?

Some insurance policies have a limit on the amount spent on addiction treatment. Once you hit that limit, your insurance can stop paying for treatment. But with private pay, you and the addiction treatment staff are the only ones who have influence over your length of stay.

You Can Get Treatment Services Best Suited for Your Needs

When you use insurance for addiction treatment, you might be limited on the services you can use. For example, some insurance policies don’t cover specific levels of treatment or therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This can limit your treatment options and experience, which can affect how successful your treatment ends up being.

Privately paying for rehab allows you to get the types of treatment you need in order to recover from substance abuse. You’ll be able to freely listen to and follow the advice of experienced healthcare professionals who know what treatments and therapies you need instead of your insurance provider.

Cons of Private Pay Addiction Treatment

It might not be a surprise that the biggest downside of using private pay for addiction treatment is the cost. Addiction treatment, like many other medical services, can be expensive. By not using insurance, you’re accepting the financial responsibility. Fortunately, many addiction treatment centers will work with you the best they can if you’re considering to pay privately for rehab.

Advantages of Using Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Lower Out of Pocket Costs

Many insurance policies that cover addiction treatment will require you to meet your deductible before they cover the cost. But once your deductible is hit, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your insurance will help you cover the cost of your treatment. No matter your opinions about insurance, it can help you overcome the cost barrier of rehab to get lifesaving treatment.

Cons of Using Insurance for Addiction Treatment

A Diagnosis Might Be Required

It’s not always a negative, but many insurance providers require a diagnosis before you can enter addiction treatment. And if you’re trying to start on your path to recovery as soon as possible, going to the doctor to get a diagnosis can cause a delay. Plus, you may feel uncomfortable talking to a doctor about your substance abuse, or you may want to keep your addiction off your medical record. In these cases, insurance isn’t always the best payment option.

Which Option is Best for You?

The best way to pay for addiction treatment depends on your personal situation and insurance policy. Whether you use private pay or insurance, the most important thing is getting addiction treatment that can save your life.

Just because the best option for everyone is different, doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone. Many addiction treatment centers like Fountain Hills Recovery can help you make the best decision for you. Whether it’s helping you verify your insurance or talking you through the steps for paying for treatment on your own, there are recovery experts to support you.

When You’re Ready for a Sober Life, We Have a Place Where You Can Start

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we can help you build a sober, happy life you can be proud of again. As the top luxury addiction treatment center in Arizona, we can help you determine the best way to pay for treatment. No matter if you want to use insurance coverage for treatment or want to hear more about paying out of pocket, we can help.

Contact us today to either verify your insurance for addiction treatment or to find out more about your private pay option. No matter where addiction has taken you, there is a way out.