When ships were having a hard time coming into port on the harsh seas, a lighthouse would be there to guide them. The bright light gave sailors a heading to follow and warned them against the dangers of shallow waters and rocky coasts. If you’re struggling with a mental health condition, there are times when you can feel like a ship lost at sea without a lighthouse.

Plus, the stigma of mental health can add to the isolation you might feel on a consistent basis. The good news is that there is support in Maricopa County you can use to reach a higher level of wellness. Let’s take a look at some of the best local mental health resources you can use to rediscover purpose and joy in your life.

Arizona National Alliance on Mental Illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has an established track record of helping people cope with and understand mental health conditions. The Arizona chapter has education programs, information on a variety of mental health conditions and a safe environment that offers understanding about what you’re going through.

In fact, NAMI has a regular family support group in Maricopa County. It’s a free monthly meeting of caregivers for people struggling with mental health conditions. Family members can open up and share their experiences and challenges while helping each other by sharing advice. Every meeting is run by a trained NAMI member who has experience with mental health support in Arizona.

There’s another valuable mental health resource that NAMI provides the Maricopa County community. They have set up a non-crisis warm hotline for Maricopa County. It’s a safe place where you can talk about your current mental health struggles without any fear of judgement. The conversations are confidential, and you’ll be talking with someone who is empathic to your any problems you’re facing.

211 Arizona

211 Arizona is an organization that provides support resources for a wide variety of conditions including mental health. In Maricopa County, they offer individual, family and community support groups for anyone with a mental health condition. In these support groups, you can expect people to share coping strategies that helped them manage their mental health condition, encouragement from people who know what you’re going through and tips for daily living.

There’s also a hidden gem on the 211 Arizona website that can help you cope with the symptoms of your mental health condition. The website has a volunteer section that will show you opportunities where you’ll donate your time to help the community. The act of volunteering has been proven to help people cope with mental health conditions by improving their mood and building meaningful social connections.

Fountain Hills Recovery Mental Health Treatment Services

Fountain Hills Recovery is one of Arizona’s top mental health treatment centers located right here in Maricopa County. We understand that one of the most frustrating parts about mental health is that there is no immediate cure. However, our expert team has years of experience helping people just like you find healthier ways to cope with mental health conditions.

What makes our mental health treatment unique is the personalized approach. We take the time to learn about each client’s history with their mental health to help uncover its source. From there, we’ll support your recovery by helping you identify triggers and work on crafting a long-term plan so you can enjoy a healthier life. Our mental health treatment center treats people struggling with:

Fountain Hills also has specialized dual diagnosis treatment if your mental health condition has caused you to start abusing drugs or alcohol to cope. Our staff strikes a precise balance between psychiatric treatment and substance abuse services based on your unique needs.

Lasting Recovery from Your Mental Health Condition is Within Reach

No matter the pain and challenge your mental health condition has caused, you have the potential to break free from the hold that it has over your life. Our premier mental health treatment center in Fountain Hills, AZ offers a safe and calming environment for you to heal. Contact our admissions team today to get started on your journey to recovery.