Fountain Hills Recovery is deeply committed to supporting First Responders and Veterans in crisis by supporting individuals and organizations in times of need.

In lieu of the recent Wildfires in California, Fountain Hills Recovery has made a kind donation to the LA Fire Department. The brave men and women of the LAFD and departments across California have bravely faced some of the most devastating fires to ever take place.
This donation is in honor of our founders late father who was a fire captain in Southern California, a hero we hold very close in our hearts. At Fountain Hills Recovery, we know life can be immensely difficult for people who work on the front lines, and our hearts are here to help.

Please join us in supporting the LAFD at a time of need in honor of those who bravely work to keep us safe. We ❤ our Firefighters, First Responders and Veterans! Thank you for all you do.

We encourage you to also make a donation. Link to donate: www.

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