Preparation is the key to success and peace of mind. One group of people who understood this concept well was the pioneers during their settlement of the vast plains of the west. They carried what was called a “horn of fire,” a hollowed-out deer or bison horn, that would store fire ashes and keep them lit throughout the day. This ultimately made it easier and quicker for the pioneers to create fires at night.

Now, you certainly won’t need to make fires in addiction treatment. However, similar to the pioneers’ foresight, preparing what to bring to rehab ahead of time can help ease your anxiety and make all the difference for you while you’re in treatment.

The Top Items to Bring to Residential Addiction Treatment

1. The Right Types of Clothing

If you’re going to residential rehab, you should pack at least two weeks’ worth of clothes. You won’t need suits or dresses while in treatment, so focus on bringing comfortable clothing like t-shirts, jeans, hoodies and sweatpants. You’ll also want to pack workout clothing for exercise and physical activities. Rehab isn’t about impressing anyone with what you’re wearing, so make sure you bring the clothes that make you feel most comfortable and at home.

2. Pictures of Loved Ones

If you’re looking to evoke those warm feelings of home in residential addiction treatment, pictures are a great place to start. Many treatment centers won’t let you bring a smartphone with you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring old-fashioned pictures. Putting framed photos of your loved ones by your bed in rehab can add a home-like touch to your living space. Plus, looking at the pictures when you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night can help you stay motivated and remind you what you’re fighting for in treatment.

3. Bring a Small Plant with You

It’s important to check with the treatment center first, but bringing a small plant with you can do wonders. A plant can help make your living space a little calmer and add to the warm and home-like ambiance you’re looking for. Bringing a little piece of nature with you can improve your mood throughout the day and can even aid your immune health, as plants are known for cleaning the air of toxins that can harm our well-being.

4. An iPod or CD Player

Music is a powerful tool that has the ability to trigger the release of dopamine in the brain to help you feel better, similar to alcohol or drugs. Listening to your favorite songs or artists can relax you, improve how you’re feeling and remind you of happy memories of loved ones and activities you enjoy. If smartphones are not allowed at your treatment center, make sure you have an iPod you can bring or stock up on CDs you can listen to with a personal CD player.

5. A Journal or Notebook

While it might not seem like it at first, keeping a journal can actually make you feel more at home in addiction treatment. Much like your home, a journal acts like an anchor for your time in rehab and gives you a private place to sort through your thoughts and express your feelings. Journal writing during your downtime can help you process what you experience in your treatment sessions and maintain perspective. Before too long, you’ll be able to look back on previous journal entries to see the progress you’ve made!

6. Your Favorite Book

Whether it’s a fantasy series, mystery novel or a nonfiction piece, there are books that we just instantly feel connected to. Rereading your favorite book can help reignite the passion and enjoyment you felt when you read the book for the very first time, taking your mind off substance abuse and any anxiety or depression you may be feeling. Reading in your free time can help ease any stress you’re feeling and make addiction treatment easier.

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