1. Holiday Cookie Baking and Decorating! What could be more fun than rolling up your sleeves and making some yummy treats in the kitchen?

  2. Play Board Games! When’s the last time you sat down and played a family favorite? Monopoly, anyone?
  3. Go for a Drive and See Holiday Lights! Where are the best neighborhoods to see holidays lights in your area? A quick google search provides plenty of maps to see the finest holiday handiwork in your city.
  4. Volunteer! Helping others around the holidays is one of the best ways to feel warm and fuzzy inside. There are many ways to volunteer in your community – from making and dropping off holiday meals to elderly people, to helping with toy drives for foster kids and canned food drives for the homeless, there are endless ways to get involved in the community.
  5. Bring holiday joy to a local hospital or retirement home! The holidays can often be lonely for people in the hospital and especially for elderly people who often have no family this time of year. Many hospitals and senior centers coordinate days where volunteers can stop in and spend time with patients and residents – just talking, reading or sharing a cup of cocoa together will brighten their holiday season – and yours too.
  6. Learn a new craft! Believe it or not, knitting is all the rage in the arts and crafts community and it’s so easy to learn. Surprise your family and friends with handicrafts you make, or teach your younger siblings or cousins too!
  7. Binge watch the best holiday movies! Have you ever taken a day to simply relax and indulge in the best and funniest holiday movies ever? From Home Alone to Elf to Love Actually, it wouldn’t be Christmas without these classic films.
  8. Be the family photographer! With so much hustle and bustle during the holidays, it seems like some of the most special candid moments get missed. Grab your iPhone or digital camera and start snapping away behind the scenes. There is no better gift to receive than a cherished family photo.
  9. Get active! Holiday eating, drinking and snacking can take a toll on everyone’s energy, even if you’re not partaking in the alcoholic beverages of the season. Why not take the lead on organizing a family flag football game, post-turkey neighborhood trot or head to the park for a pick up basketball game? Your body and mind will thank you for the activity and fresh air!
  10. Make that money, honey! Here’s an idea your wallet might like. Why not pick up an extra side gig or a few extra shifts at work this holiday season? More people ask for extra time off over the holidays than any other time of year – many of which are sick days as a result of “over doing it” the night before. For clean and sober #recoverywarriors, waking up early to take on an extra shift or staying late so your co-workers can go party is a smart and productive way to stay clean, sober and busy which making some extra cash for holiday gifts and fun.