The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that roughly 20 million Americans have a fear of flying – data that was collected before the added stress of the COVID-19 pandemicThis unprecedented time has left many people struggling with isolation, depression and anxiety, leading some to abuse alcohol or drugsIf you’re struggling with addiction and want to go to rehab, is it actually safe to fly? 

While unnecessary flying isn’t recommended, seeking help for your addiction is vital and worth the trip. Fortunately, you can still fly safely, even during a worldwide pandemic. 

Flying Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To put people’s minds at ease about air travel, many airlines have put protocols in place to help keep their customers safe and healthy when flying. These safety protocols include the following: 

  • Mask Wearing. Similar to almost every other business in the country, major airline companies now require all passengers and staff to wear masks. This can protect you from breathing in illness-causing particles when a passenger near you sneezes, coughs or speaks. 
  • Air Filtration. The air inside the plane’s cabin goes through a filtration system about every three minutes. These filters catch 99.9 percent of particles that pass through them, including the COVID-19 virus.  

Due to the effectiveness of these filtration systems, your potential exposure to COVID-19 comes down to your mask and the people around you. You can drastically lower your risk of exposure to COVID-19 by wearing a higher quality mask when on the plane and in the airport. If you’re planning on flying, bring a mask that has at least one HEPA filter layer. The Centers of Disease Control has a dedicated webpage to help you find one.  

Airlines are also implementing more stringent assigned seating in an effort to give passengers more space between each other. Arnold Barnett, a professor of statistics at MIT, looked at data on the risks of catching COVID-19 on a flight. He found that the simple act of leaving the middle seat empty decreases the risk of exposure to 1 in 7,700. Increased space, on top of air filtration and mask wearing, can significantly decrease your chances of contracting the COVID-19 virus on a flight. 

Why it’s a Good Time to Go to Addiction Treatment in Arizona

One of the silver linings of social distancing is that it’s created a great opportunity for you to go to addiction treatment. COVID-19 regulations have shut down many entertainment venues and businesses. Since there isn’t much else to do other than sit at home, the fear of missing out on life while you’re getting help is less severe.

Going to Arizona for addiction treatment will also help you break free from the negative effects of boredom and isolation. When you’re social distancing, you’re bound to have more free time on your hands. Without the healthy coping skills you’ll learn in recovery, it can become harder to resist drugs and alcohol.

Find Expert Addiction Treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery

There is a way to break through the cycle of substance abuse, and it starts with addiction treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery. Now that you know how to safely fly during the pandemic, there’s no better time to reclaim your life from addiction.

As Arizona’s top luxury addiction and mental health treatment center, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the lasting recovery you deserve. By maintaining an exceptional client-staff ratio, we’re able to offer you more one-on-one attention and personalized care to address your unique needs and struggles with addiction and mental health.

Are you ready to overcome your substance abuse and reclaim a fulfilling life of sobriety? Get started on your recovery journey by contacting our admissions team today.