Something about your daily life has lost its luster. The passion you used to have about your hobbies and daily activities has been replaced with a deepening sense of dread and hopelessness and exhaustion. But why?

It’s not that you’ve simply lost interest in what you used to enjoy. Rather, it’s likely you’re suffering from some form of depression. If you’re struggling with depression, seeking treatment is the best way to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

5 Signs to Seek Inpatient Depression Treatment

1. Your Depression Has an Impact on Your Relationships

It’s not uncommon for depression to cause changes in your personality. The depression – and the resulting anxiety from it – can make you emotionally and physically distant from your loved ones, damaging your relationships with family and friends. Ask your loved ones if they’ve noticed any changes in how you interact with them. If they have noticed a rift in your relationship, that may be even more of an indication that you need to treat your depression.

2. Normal Activities Have Become Overwhelming

One of the key signs that you might need depression treatment is how it impacts your everyday life. Depression can make everyday tasks feel overwhelming and unmanageable. Take self care as an example. Are you still eating three meals a day? Are you bathing regularly? Questions like these can help you determine whether or not your depression is out of control. If this is the case, replacing your current routine with depression treatment could be just what you need to make a positive change.

3. Work Has Become More of a Struggle

Your personal life isn’t all that depression impacts. Take an honest look at your work performance since you started feeling depressed. If you’ve noticed the following, your depression is impacting your professional life:

  • You’ve missed regular work meetings
  • The quality of your work has decreased
  • You’ve missed deadlines and have had unexcused absences
  • Calling in sick has become a habit

Think about your job performance before your depression. Were the issues you’re having now always there? If not, it’s important that you seek depression treatment.

4. You’re Also Struggling with Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, it’s common for depression to trigger drug or alcohol use. If your symptoms have gotten severe enough that you feel the need to self-medicate, it’s a sign you should seek depression treatment. If you’re already using substances to cope with depression symptoms, seek dual diagnosis treatment.

5. You Have Thoughts about Harming Yourself

Severe depression can lead to suicidal thoughts or behaviors. Ideations about harming yourself is something that should be addressed immediately, even if you haven’t acted on them. If you’re having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, it’s important that you talk to someone as soon as possible. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-8255. Professional depression treatment can then help you work through these thoughts or behaviors and get you back to living a life worth living.

Find Expert Depression Treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery

Fountain Hills Recovery is a premier mental health treatment center in Arizona. We know how overwhelming depression can be to manage. Fortunately, you don’t have to try to manage your depression on your own.

Our inpatient depression treatment can help you recapture your passion for life. As the leading luxury mental health and addiction treatment centers in Arizona, we can give you a safe environment to heal from depression. Contact our admissions team today to learn how to get started.