Chances are, you don’t think about tsunamis all that often. You know they are storms that create harsh winds and giant waves that can cause real damage to coasts. But what you might not know is that when tsunamis occur, many bird species are displaced.

From not knowing a clear path home to suddenly finding themselves isolated, birds are put into a hard situation they didn’t see coming. The same can be said for your loved one suffering from substance abuse during the social distancing and stay-at-home orders caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

We’re all feeling the effects of COVID-19, but your addicted loved one could be facing new challenges. It’s a tough time for all us, but we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn some of the unique ways COVID-19 is affecting your loved one and how you can help them.

3 Ways COVID-19 Affects Addiction

1. Isolation Is More Common

COVID-19 is uprooting a lot of norms in our country. Hanging out with friends and family has been replaced with social distancing and quarantines. And while it’s an inconvenience for many of us, it can be dangerous and unhealthy for your addicted loved one.

There’s a saying that the key to addiction recovery is connection. But in the wake of COVID-19, many people struggling with drug or alcohol addictions are finding themselves more isolated than ever before. Why is being isolated bad for your loved one? By being cut off from connection, there’s an increased risk of your loved one’s substance abuse to worsen. When left alone, it’s possible for your loved one’s destructive behaviors to become more common.

Luckily, we have plenty of ways to stay connected, thanks to technology. It’s important to reach out to your addicted loved one right now. Checking in on them can help fight against isolation. You can even try to set up a schedule for times to talk throughout the week. After all, reminding your loved one they are not alone can help.

2. There is a Greater Risk for Infection

You might be asking yourself, “does substance abuse increase the chance of getting COVID-19?” Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Abusing drugs or alcohol can have a serious negative impact on your loved one’s immune system.

For example, cocaine addiction can damage the mucous membranes in the throat, nose and lungs. This makes it easier for respiratory infections to take hold in the body, caused by viruses like COVID-19. And other substances have comparable effects on the immune system.

When we’re facing a national pandemic like COVID-19, having a healthy immune system is critical. It’s part of the reason why COVID-19 shouldn’t stop your loved one from getting treatment.

3. Needle Sharing is Even More Dangerous

There has always been concern about people suffering from addiction sharing drug equipment. Needle sharing carries a large risk of spreading diseases, such as HIV. That practice has become even more dangerous with COVID-19.

But the risk doesn’t stop there. Unlike some of the other diseases, COVID-19 can be spread through less risky and normal, every-day behaviors. For example, if your loved one takes a sip from someone else’s drink, there’s a higher risk of them contracting the virus. Even normal sharing behaviors can endanger your loved one during this time.

COVID-19 Shouldn’t Stop Your Loved One from Getting Treatment

When an event like COVID-19 happens, it’s easy for any plans made beforehand to fall by the wayside. And that includes your loved one finding addiction treatment in Arizona. But despite the impact that COVID-19 has caused, there is a silver lining for your loved one. This situation is a great time for addiction treatment. Some of the reasons why include:

• Your loved one won’t feel like they’re missing out on anything. Regular life has come to full stop. And with restaurants and bars being closed down and other activities like sports halted until further notice, they can invest their free time into treatment and recovery.

• They would be staying in a safe and controlled environment, away from higher risks of contracting the virus. Addiction treatment centers like Fountain Hills Recovery can monitor your loved one’s health and wellness.

• Addiction treatment can help your loved one avoid the risks and dangers that come with detoxing alone.

You Have the Power to Help Your Loved One

Fountain Hills Recovery is a luxury addiction treatment center in Arizona. And we know how challenging it can be to watch a loved one struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction. Our personalized approach offers healing without judgement or lectures.

Through our experience, we’ve learned that no two addictions are alike. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our addiction treatment programs are tailored to your loved one’s unique needs. Our expert team can help give you and your loved one peace of mind during this stressful time.

Getting your loved one on a path towards recovery can help them reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19. Contact our expert staff today. We’re ready to hear your story and discuss how we can support your loved one and family.