Researching addiction treatment centers is a little like trying to decide what brand of pasta sauce to buy at the grocery store or what kind of cell phone to purchase; the sheer volume of options available to you is enough to make your head spin.

Unlike pasta sauce or a cell phone, though, your decision on a residential treatment center can have lasting implications for the remainder of your life. As heavy as that statement is, don’t feel discouraged in your hunt for a rehab facility. Finding the right residential program for you is remarkably simple if you know what to look out for.

7 Factors to Help You Choose a Residential Drug Rehab Facility

Instead of jumping from one treatment center website to another and wracking your brain trying to figure out what makes a rehab a good one, use the below checklist. The following 7 factors can help you decide if the treatment center you’re considering is the right fit for you:

1. Accreditation

Before you dig into a treatment center’s programs and amenities, look for a gold seal that indicates the facility is accredited by the Joint Commission. Credible residential treatment centers will usually display this accreditation proudly on their homepage or have a separate page on their website about it.

This accreditation shows that the treatment center has passed a rigorous quality standard assessment and demonstrates a constant commitment to patient care. Fountain Hills Recovery, for example, is a Joint Commission accredited addiction and mental health treatment center because of our safe, high quality treatment programs and standards.

2. Staff Bios

As you consider a residential treatment program, take note of whether or not the facility lists its staff on its website. Staff bios offer insight into the types of personnel the treatment facility employs, their credentials and their level of expertise. Treatment centers that don’t offer information about their staff are harder to trust and may have trouble with staff turnover, which will ultimately affect your ability to recover effectively.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we have a highly experienced behavioral health team that includes a medical director, clinical director, therapists, nurse practitioners, a chef, equine therapy specialists and many others. Every member of our team was carefully chosen for their role based on their credentials and experience in effectively treating people suffering from addiction and mental health disorders.

3. Evidence-Based Therapies

Next, you should look into the type of therapies offered at the residential treatment center. Do clients experience individual and group therapy sessions? Does the facility leverage medication-assisted treatment (MAT)? Credible treatment centers like Fountain Hills Recovery leverage evidence-based therapies like MAT, EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy because they are effective at treating substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders.

4. Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Speaking of dual diagnosis disorders, the residential treatment center you choose should have experience treating co-occurring disorders like alcohol and depression or opioid abuse and anxiety. In many cases, substance abuse is either a result of a mental health condition or can triggers one. Simply treating the addiction will leave you vulnerable to relapse when you’re done with rehab.

This is why Fountain Hills Recovery offers dual diagnosis treatment for our clients. It isn’t just about getting the drugs out of your body; instead, we also focus on addressing underlying mental health challenges that were either caused by your addiction or were making your substance abuse worse.

5. Continuum of Care Approach

It isn’t enough to simply detox from addiction and return to everyday life. Addiction literally changes your brain and does a great deal of damage to your body. This requires time, patience and proper treatment to reverse the effects of addiction and actually learn how to live without substance abuse again. As you’re looking for a residential treatment program, make sure the facility offers a continuum of care.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, clients who start in residential treatment are able to transition to partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment. Completing all these levels of care is the best way to ensure you’ll be ready to maintain your sobriety when you return home.

6. Your Treatment on an Admissions Call

When you call a treatment center you’re interested in, take note of how they speak to you. Are they patient and willing to listen to you? Are they compassionate or are they cold and judgmental? Addiction is an extremely sensitive and personal situation, and you deserve to be treated with empathy and respect. At Fountain Hills Recovery, every member of our admissions team understands what you’re going through and is focused on being as compassionate and helpful as they can.

7. Previous Client and Family Reviews

Finally, what have other people said about the residential treatment center you’re considering? Are there Google reviews or Facebook comments you can check out? Or does the facility have its comments and reviews disabled? Use these reviews to help you get a sense of what real people are saying about the treatment program, and don’t forget to check out how the facility responds to any negative reviews it might have – compassionate and respectful responses show that the treatment center cares and is trying to put its clients and their families first.

Reclaim Your Life from Addiction at Fountain Hills Recovery

Choosing a residential treatment center is a major decision. That’s why we try to make the choice as easy as possible. At Fountain Hills Recovery, our residential treatment program in Scottsdale offers personalized assessment and care, sub-acute detox and a combination of evidence-based and experiential therapies to help you get your recovery started in the most effective way possible.

Then, when you’ve completed residential treatment, you can transition into our other levels of care in Fountain Hills, Arizona to continue your treatment and learn how to maintain lasting recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

As the top luxury addiction and mental health treatment in Arizona, we’re the right place for you to overcome and heal from substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders. Contact our expert staff today to learn more about our treatment approach and get the admissions process started.