From the picturesque Grand Canyon to stunning desserts and falls, Arizona is full of wonder and beauty. Like every other state in the country, though, it hasn’t been able to escape the ugliness of substance abuse. From June 2017 to February 2021, the state has reported over 62,000 opioid overdoses and nearly 9,000 suspected opioid deaths. While Arizona has suffered its fair share of the substance abuse epidemic raging throughout the nation, the state is determined to fight back.

From educating residents earlier to drug trafficking mitigation efforts, Arizona is working to decrease addiction throughout the state. Let’s take a look at three key ways Arizona’s government is trying to diminish substance abuse.

3 Ways Arizona is Fighting Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Investing in Educating Teenagers

In response to the height of the opioid epidemic in 2017, the Governor’s office of Arizona announced an investment of $3 million into substance abuse education programs for teenagers. These programs have offered high school students across the state access to resources to learn about opioid abuse.

A main aspect of these programs is Naloxone administration education. Naloxone is a drug that blocks the opioid receptors in your brain. In the event of an overdose, administering it can be lifesaving. With more young people trained in using this critical resource, the state hopes to lower the number of overdose deaths. Seeing success in the high school program, the state is now piloting addiction education programs in each of Arizona’s 15 counties.

Arizona Drug Trafficking Law Reforms

Besides addiction education, Arizona government representatives are pushing for legal reforms. House Bill 2779 is proposes that anyone associated with the sale of drugs linked to overdose deaths can serve up to 25 years in prison. The bill would also increase the minimum sentences for people caught with illegal drugs.

Unfortunately, as many addiction treatment professionals like those at Fountain Hills Recovery know, harsher punishments don’t curb drug trafficking and addiction. Those who are struggling with the disease of addiction require care, not jail time. This is why government officials are looking at addiction treatment centers as a possible solution, as they can provide the customized support needed to actually achieve sobriety.

Collaboration with Mexico Police

Higher demand for drugs has led drug traffickers to use the border between Mexico and Arizona to smuggle illegal substances into the country. One of the most widely used methods of trafficking drugs into Arizona is tunnels that were part of the old drainage system connecting Arizona and Mexico. Between monitoring these tunnels and keeping up with the creation of new ones, Arizona hasn’t had enough law enforcement to crack down on drug trafficking over the border.

Fortunately, collaboration between state law enforcement and Mexico’s police forces have helped. On the other side of the border, Mexico police conduct routine searches for drug trafficking tunnels. When they find one, Mexican officials inform and work with Arizona law enforcement. This cooperation has improved the response time and identification of drug trafficking, reducing the number of illegal drugs entering the state.

Fountain Hills Aids in the Fight Against Substance Abuse

Beyond the state government’s efforts, addiction treatment centers throughout Arizona are helping to stem the tide of substance abuse. While the government works on preventative measures, addiction treatment centers like Fountain Hills Recovery strive to help people overcome substance abuse and return to sober lives.

At our luxury treatment center in Arizona, our team at Fountain Hills Recovery takes a person-centered approach to care. We help clients identify underlying causes of their addiction, strengthen their body and mind, and develop relapse-prevention habits to ensure they achieve and maintain long-term recovery.

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