Think about all the new year’s resolutions that are made on the first day of the year. I’m going to start exercising again. I want to read 100 books before the end of the year. I’m going to save money for a new car.

As the end of the year quickly approaches, you may think that your new year’s resolution will be to enter addiction treatment. This gives you plenty of time to savor your drinking or drug use and fully enjoy the holidays.

As courageous as your intentions may be as we enter a new year, it’s not easy to follow through on a new year’s resolution. In fact, many new year’s resolutions fall by the wayside because we forget about them or don’t take the time to let those new habits form.

Instead of making excuses to put addiction treatment off until the new year, now is actually the perfect time to enter rehab. In this blog, we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should enter rehab before the holidays instead of after.

5 Reasons to Enter Rehab Before the Holidays and New Year

  1. Give Your Family the Greatest Gift of All. Your family loves you and wants to see you recover from your substance abuse. Of course, they don’t want to miss you during the holidays. But they’ll be so proud and relieved knowing that instead of being at holiday parties drinking or getting high, you’ll be in a rehab facility taking care of yourself. This is truly the greatest Christmas gift you can give your family. Plus, getting treatment now means you’ll be able to share many more holidays to come with your family and friends in the future.
  2. Avoid Holiday Triggers and Possible Overdose. Even if you’ve never overdosed before, it only takes one time where you either drink too much or take more of a drug than you originally anticipated. If you see the holidays as a time to celebrate, you may not be able to avoid the cravings. Or if you find the holidays gloomy and depressing, you may take too much of a substance to try to numb the pain you’re feeling. In addiction treatment, you’ll be able to avoid those triggers and instead, focus on your recovery.
  3. Use End-of-Year Insurance Benefits. No one likes to deal with insurance companies and insurance plans are confusing to understand. The important piece you need to know about your insurance is your deductible. This is the amount you pay out-of-pocket before your insurance company steps in to cover healthcare charges. If you’ve already met your deductible or gotten close to hitting it, now is the time to enter rehab. This can save you some money on treatment costs before your deductible resets in the new year.
  4. Celebrate the Holidays with Others Who Are in Treatment, Too. Going to rehab before the holidays may mean you don’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family. But it does mean you get to build new relationships with people who understand exactly what you’re going through. There may have been times where you felt your family and friends didn’t understand the pain you were experiencing and why you were drinking or using drugs. In addiction treatment, you’ll be with a set of people who share your struggles and are trying to recover from addiction, too.
  5. Gift Yourself This Holiday Season. The holidays are usually meant to give back and show your love to others. But this year, the most important person for you to support is yourself. Despite the shame or negative feelings or thoughts you may have about yourself, you deserve an opportunity to heal from addiction. You were meant to do more with your life than suffer from addiction and mental health challenges like depression or anxiety. Acknowledge that your life and health matter and give yourself the gift of addiction rehab before the holidays.

Enter Addiction Treatment Before the Holidays at Fountain Hills

We like to think that the holiday season is the time when magic and miracles happen. This year, you can make your own magic and miracle happen by coming to Fountain Hills Recovery to recover from addiction and dual diagnosis disorders.

As Arizona’s top luxury addiction treatment center, we take a highly personalized and holistic approach to addiction treatment that focuses on your individual needs and struggles. Our mission is to provide caring and compassionate treatment, never treating you like a statistic or as if you’re just another person in the crowd. When you’re here, your recovery is our top priority.

Are you ready to get addiction treatment that can help you achieve long-term recovery? Our admissions team is ready to answer any questions you have, so contact us today.