The stress of juggling your career with all the aspects of your life can be too much sometimes. Considering the high pressure of many federal jobs, you may have developed a substance use disorder as a way to cope. As one of the top-rated luxury treatment centers in Arizona, Fountain Hills Recovery offer individualized treatment with engaging amenities to help you on your journey to lasting recovery. If you have GEHA in network insurance, part of or even the entire cost of treatment could be covered. Follow these steps to see if GEHA drug rehab insurance coverage is available for you:

Determining Your GEHA Rehab Insurance Coverage

While many insurance companies classify drug or alcohol addiction as a medical condition, GEHA offers a variety of coverage options. After all, every insurance policy is unique, and coverage is based on several individual factors. But at Fountain Hills Recovery, we’re here to help you break past the cost barrier of treatment by verifying your GEHA rehab insurance coverage. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to learn more about your GEHA drug rehab insurance coverage:

  1. Start by contacting the Fountain Hills Recovery admissions team. Just call (888)-898-5984, and a member of our team will listen to your story and help verify your insurance coverage.
  2. With your help we will reach out to GEHA directly and learn how your specific policy might be able to help you build a foundation for lasting recovery.
  3. There is always a chance for your coverage to be denied. If that happens, our team will assist you with the appeals process, which usually involves writing an appeals letter.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we find the right mix of evidence-based and holistic treatments for your unique struggle. By offering specialized first responder substance abuse treatment, we know that the stress of serving your community can take a toll. But you’re not alone, and your GEHA rehab insurance coverage could be the key to getting the treatment you deserve.

About GEHA Coverage for Drug Rehab

GEHA stands for Government Employees Health Association. It is a largest company that provides medical coverage for active and retired federal government employees. Fountain Hills Recovery is honored to accept GEHA drug rehab coverage. You’ve faithfully served the country through your federal work, let us return the favor.

Change is Possible at Fountain Hills Recovery

You’ve worked hard for the life you had before addiction took over. But you have the power to overcome your personal challenges and achieve lasting change. And it all starts by calling our team at (888)-898-5984 and having your GEHA rehab insurance coverage verified. At Fountain Hills Recovery, we’re here to walk alongside your path to recovery. Take the first step today.

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