Watching your loved one struggle with an addiction is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You see the destruction play out, but you feel helpless and scared for their life. Luckily, there is something you can do.

If talking to your loved one hasn’t worked, you can still try to convince them to get the help they need with an intervention. Find out more about our intervention services in Fountain Hills, Arizona and contact us now if you want to get your loved one into our treatment program.

What is an Addiction Intervention?

An intervention is an important event where you and other family members and friends talk with your loved one about their addiction. An addiction interventionist is oftentimes involved in order to moderate the interaction and keep the conversation moving in a productive and positive direction.

An intervention gives you and all those who care about your loved one an opportunity to express your feelings and concerns. It is also a good way to show your loved one how their addiction and behaviors have affected their life and those around them. The ultimate goal is to convince your loved one to get treatment for their substance abuse.

What are the Signs that I Need to Do an Intervention?

Confronting your loved one about their addiction can be challenging. You may second guess your suspicions, or they may have denied their drug use and gotten defensive in previous attempts to talk to them.

If your loved one is exhibiting any or all of these signs, it’s important to hold an intervention:

  • They continue to deny their drug abuse, even though you’ve seen it
  • Their physical health has deteriorated considerably from drug abuse
  • They’re experiencing financial problems because of their addiction
  • They’re having problems at work or school because of drug abuse
  • They get defensive or even aggressive when you try to talk to them about their addiction

How Does an Intervention Work?

An addiction intervention should be a carefully planned and rehearsed conversation in order to effectively convince your loved one to seek treatment.

Once you agree to an intervention, you’ll need to work with your interventionist to determine the right people to include. Interventions can be challenging and emotional, so you’ll only want to include those who will be able to maintain their composure and keep the conversation positive. Some of the people to include in the intervention are your loved one’s parents, siblings, kids, partners, close friends and colleagues.

Once you’ve finalized who will be part of the intervention, all participants will work with the interventionist to learn about addiction, treatment and recovery. Your interventionist will also help you prepare and rehearse, so you’ll know exactly what to say when the moment comes.

Contact Fountain Hills Recovery for Intervention Services

You aren’t alone in your endeavor to get your loved one the addiction treatment and care they need. At Fountain Hills Recovery, we have the resources you’re looking for to hold an effective intervention. To learn more about our intervention services and addiction treatment programs, contact us today.