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    Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Arizona

    Addiction is often accompanied by a collection of mental or emotional illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma-related issues, and many more. Identifying these co-existing issues is crucial if the patient is to achieve complete recovery.

    People who have a genetic predisposition for mental disorders have a chance of inducing psychiatric symptoms by abusing mind-altering substances. Likewise, people who have already developed a disorder can worsen the symptoms by using extensive amounts of drugs and alcohol. Depending on the substance in question, in some cases, the symptoms of a mental ailment might be masked, making the diagnostic process more difficult.

    However, our luxury dual diagnosis treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona offers a program that is built on the basis of precise diagnostics. The ability of our medical experts to precisely diagnose and match the illness with the adequate treatment program is one of the reasons why we are considered one of the most successful Arizona recovery centers when it comes to dual diagnosis. We are located just outside of Scottsdale in Fountain Hills, so we’re easily accessible to those in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

    Addressing the Root Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

    When people who have a problem with addiction check into a clinic, most of the time they are treated for their substance abuse issues. Rarely are they tested for any underlying issues that might be the source of their drug addiction. At Fountain Hills Recovery, we conduct comprehensive tests that give us the insight needed to create a dual diagnosis treatment for our patient.

    Aside from offering drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, we provide our patients with psychiatric treatment through our mental health clinic, therefore treating the primary cause instead of just the symptoms. By utilizing this comprehensive approach, we are able to keep the relapse rate to a minimum and give our patients a fair chance at a life of sobriety and happiness.

    We also offer our patients a plethora of alternative therapy methods that can help them overcome some of the negative side-effects of long-term drug and alcohol abuse. By participating in these alternative therapies, our patients acquire the necessary education for leading a life of balance and peace. With this newly acquired knowledge, they are more than capable of leaving their past habits and negative thought patterns behind them.

    If you are someone who suspects that there is an underlying mental issue that might have lead to developing an addiction, our dual diagnosis Scottsdale and Phoenix treatment center can help you. Call (480) 681-1806 to talk to one of our addiction specialists and get started with our luxury mental health treatment centers today.