From the very beginning of their careers, professional athletes are pushed to perform. The physical and emotional stress they go through from a very young age can take its toll, which can lead to substance abuse to cope.

These are either performance-enhancing drugs to boost their capabilities or painkillers to take the pain away from all the wear and tear of pushing their body to the limit. Not to mention the pressure of fame that can lead to alcohol and drug addiction.

The bottom line is — professional athletes are more vulnerable to substance abuse than most of the general population. When it comes to treating professional athletes, our goal at Fountain Hills Recovery is not just to treat their addiction, but also get them back on the field and performing better than ever.

A Comprehensive Treatment Program Aimed at Athletes

In order to properly approach the treatment and recovery of a professional athlete, we’ve developed an extensive program that involves a mix of evidence-based treatments that have been scientifically proven as the most effective methods of treating addiction.

However, before we create a customized care plan, our experts conduct a physical evaluation, followed by a psychological assessment. Based on the results of those tests, we are able to recommend methods that will yield the best possible outcome in record time.

Another thing we focus on is Dual-Diagnosis, which helps us determine if there are any co-occurring disorders present. As we mentioned, athletes are pressured to perform from a very young age, making them susceptible to developing mental and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, or even in some cases, bipolar disorder. By acknowledging the root cause, we can treat it simultaneously as the substance abuse habit, giving the patient a higher chance of achieving long-term sobriety and preventing relapse.

Our Professional Athlete Substance Abuse Treatment also includes:

Alternative pain relief methods that can treat chronic pain without the use of painkillers

On-site certified nutrition specialist who is making sure that the patient is getting the proper nutrition and hydration

A team of medical experts and highly-trained therapists guiding the patient every step of the way

Medication management and prevention of adverse reactions

Access to a psychiatrist

Secluded treatment center location, guaranteeing privacy

Luxury amenities with infinity pools and sports courts

If you’re a professional athlete and you need help, contact us today via our website or by calling at 480-681-1806. Find out why our team approach makes us the number one addiction treatment facility in Arizona.