Fountain Hills Recovery – At A Glance

Fountain Hills Recovery is an Arizona Licensed Facility, as well as a Joint Commission Accredited Center, that specializes in Substance and Alcohol Abuse treatment. In addition, FHR excels in Trauma work and other Dual Diagnosis issues.

We incorporate many other forms of therapy in our care plans such as EMDR, Trauma, Neuro/Bio Feedback, Outdoor, Music, Art, Yoga, Meditation, Family and Equine Therapy.

Residential treatment is offered in increments from 30-120 days with no minimum.

We also offer intensive outpatient programing (IOP) with a 3 day a week minimum.

Fountain Hills Recovery emphasizes the individualized nature of treatment. We tailor our treatment plans with a strong emphasis on the 12-step participation, individual and family therapy, goal setting, relapse prevention, and wide range of alternative therapies.

Our Team

Our holistic, integrated care team, is comprised of clinical, medical, psychiatric, behavioral, and trauma therapists who have been working together for a number of years. Our team was handpicked, for their specific strengths, and has seen great success with this treatment modality.

Utilizing this unique approach, we have found great success in treating clients with failure to launch issues, as well as repeated treatment attempts, and pride ourselves on helping clients to be successful and to have this be their last and/or only treatment attempt.

We strongly incorporate action based goals, transparent honesty, and a strong foundation of personal accountability into each client’s daily structure.

We help enable each client to find their own level of integrity, self-respect, and dignity. This is not something a treatment center can give a client. We simply help the client find that in themselves.

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